Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update for all on Little Miss Kaitlynn!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

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Hello to all of our family and friends. For all who know about Kaitlynn's condition, thank you for your support!!! For all those who don't know what's going on, I'm sorry for not telling you sooner. We've been waiting on doctors and such to confirm what we knew, and then we thought we'd let everyone else know what was going on.

Kaitlynn was born with a condition known as Craniosynostosis. It's where the bones in her skull prematurely fuse together, so she has no softspot, and thus no room for her brain to grow. We will have to do surgery in the near future to seperate the bones and give her brain room to grow. Other than the bones fusing, there is no other risks or abnormalities with her. She is perfect in everyway except the shape of her skull. We expect her to be treated the same as Dahrran and MacKenzie, because there is nothing wrong with her.

I have created a website just for her, depicting everything that we're going through. I will be able to update it from the hospital when we go in for our surgery and such, and will update it from time to time with pictures of her head!!! If you want to be notified when we update it, please sign up for the updates!!! It will be the easiest way for me to let everyone know what is going on, and that way I don't forget to "call" someone!!!

Thanks again everyone for your support, prayers and encouragement!!! Prayers are still needed as we're not even through the rough stuff yet, so please keep us in your thoughts!!! Thanks so much again!!!!