Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday – The Mud Puddle

*Kinda Wordless * You have know the story behind these pictures. MacKenzie was with Grandpa on a “camping” trip, off to a bird swap meet. I was mowing the lawn when I saw Kaitlynn slowly heading closer and closer to the mud puddle that had become out in front of our house where we park. Each time I made a pass that way towards it I would tell her “Don’t go in that puddle.” Each time she would give me this little grin, but stay away. Finally when I was getting closer to being done and was always up front, I decided why not. Why not let them be kids and just have fun.

Kaitlynn stood next to the puddle and gave me the “PLEASE?!?!?” look. I told her to go ahead, and then I headed in the house where Joel was. As we were standing in the doorway he asks me “Did you see your daughter?!”, to which I replied… “That’s why I’m in here dear, I’m grabbing my camera.”

I think the pictures tell the rest of the story. Boy did they have fun!! Kaitlynn asks on a daily basis, “Mud Pies??”


 DSC01320 DSC01321 DSC01324


DSC01330 DSC01340 DSC01346

DSC01348 DSC01350

  DSC01357 DSC01359 DSC01360


 DSC01368 DSC01369 DSC01372

 DSC01375 DSC01377 DSC01382

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Baseball Season

Joel was the head coach this year for Dahrran’s baseball team. We had a rough time coming up with 10 boys because the coaches last year pushed a few families away. This year was all about having fun. It wasn’t about winning and loosing, it was about playing, learning and having fun. We didn’t win a single league game, but we did win one tournament game that was just for fun.


Joel also had some great help this year as well. We had a couple help us out that we didn’t know all that well before, and have now become great friends with. It’s amazing how that happens! We also had a great group of boys, who all have great potential for next year!

Here’s just a few of my favorite pictures from the season! Since I was in the dugout doing books I didn’t get as many pictures as I did last year, but I still got some good shots!

 DSC01247  DSC01279 DSC01281  DSC01294 DSC01304 DSC01308 DSC01312

Monday, June 28, 2010

Love Like Crazy

Today is my grandparent’s 57th anniversary. I hope some day that Joel and I are married that long. My grandparents are a great example to me. Yes they have the days when they bicker at each other, but what couple doesn’t. Grandma has been in the nursing home since November. Grandpa has went almost every day. To feed her, to talk with her, to just sit there.


This was on Dahrran’s Birthday. Grandma was having an off day, but I love the fact that the kids know their great-grandparents!


Take a look at this video. IT’s my favorite new song! I LOVE IT!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cousin Bailey

You may remember I wrote about Bailey here. She’s such a cutie, and our youngest niece. The girls love her to death. Any time they come over or we go over there the first thing the girls do is beg to hold her. One day my sister-in-law was having a rough day because Bailey was being extra fussy. The girls and I weren't doing anything so we went over there to play and hang out.

Jennifer & Roger had an appointment that evening so I figured we’d bring Kendol and Bailey back to our house. The girls couldn’t get enough! Kaitlynn would make a great big sister some day. But until God decides it’s time for us to have another baby we’ll have to wait.


YES! I get to hold her!


10 fingers


Finally a smile!

This one is from a week or so later when they came over for a while.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Campfires with Grandpa

These pictures are over a month old but I feel so bad for never getting them up here. There will be a lot of back blogging going on, but I’ll still use current dates. It’s just what happens when you fall behind. I honestly thought I’d blogged this, and then realized when I went looking for the pictures that I hadn’t! :( Shame on me! Excuse Kaitlynn’s clothes. She was in a phase where she HAD to dress herself no matter how small the clothes were.

Grandpa had to redo a bunch of barbwire fence after all the snow we had this winter and so there were plenty of trees to be cut down in the fence line. Needless to say he’s been lax for the last 20 years on the fence and there was a LOT of repair work to be done.

DSC01096DSC01104 DSC01109

They went out in the “Christmas” trees and gathered pine cones.
The “Christmas” trees were planted when I was app. Kaitlynn’s age. So they’re not really “Christmas” trees anymore!

DSC01102DSC01116  DSC01123DSC01154

Friday, June 18, 2010

Did you miss us?

I’ve had my computer back for about a week now. Life has hit us with full force here lately, and I’m struggling to get back into the swing of things. I loved not having a computer. I hated not having a computer. (only because the same time the computer cord went bad, the Direct Tv box went bad) We were outside as a family, we played together, we talked. I loved it. But I have a job, online which requires me to blog, facebook and tweet. A job that I love, but after being away for so long, that takes time.

Just like blogging here. I love it, but lately I’ve gotten so lax it’s not even funny. I’m not sure what happened to me. Taking pictures has also taken a back seat. I used to download about 200 pictures a time every couple days, weeks at the most. The last 3 months I’ve downloaded about 200 pictures per MONTH! I feel HORRIBLE. I hate that I don’t have them there for my kids.

Since I realized that fact a little under a week ago, I’ve already got 200 pictures for the month. And I’m working on more. I’ve just decided I need to get my camera out more often. My kids need these memories. Just as much as I do. I need to get my mind off of things. Baby #4’s due date is fast approaching and it sucks every time I see someone who is hugely pregnant. Someday the wounds will heal but for now they’re fresh and open. Maybe getting past that date will just make it easier.

We’ve got a lot coming up in the next two weeks. Two weeks from tomorrow my step sister will make the biggest mistake of her life be getting married to a great guy! And we’ve got a lot to do between now and then! I just can’t believe it’s that soon already. This weekend is her bachelorette party, and we have some fun things planned.

If you’re still here thanks for reading. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. There are TONS of pictures to blog about!! Okay so you know that isn’t true if you really read this whole post. But there are lots of different things we’ve done that need blogging!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hello everyone!! Just thought I'd let you know my computer is completly dead and I'm waiting on a replacement power cord. So if you don't see me on twitter/facebook/bloggin then you know why!!! Hope to be back on the bandwagon soon!