Saturday, December 27, 2008

Random Pictures

I've got quite a few pictures, some of which are Christmas related, and others that aren't. I thought I'd make a post of somethings I've been meaning to post!

We got bored one day when it was yucky and snowy we decided that maybe we could braid MacKenzie's hair (okay so it was my idea, not so much hers!)

See I told you it was my idea. Although, I did get pictures of her smiling, and she did love it...until bed time came. Then she wanted me to take them out. NOW.


What would you do with this assortment of things? I had a great idea after winning this giveaway.


They turned into these nifty little gift tags. I was so pleased with them, I'll be making them EVERY year!!


Our lovely gingerbread house. Believe me it turned out prettier than I'd imagined. It was Dahrran's idea that we "have to follow the box. See we can do it just like this."(and points to the box.) So pretty it was!(and still is for that matter) I just can't let myself let the kids eat it!


They were pretty impressed and proud of their project...despite MacKenzie's face!


Last but not least. During our Cranio Journey I was fortunate enough to "meet" two ladies. We emailed back and fourth, and a few phone calls with them just listening, and me in tears confirmed what I'd already felt in my heart. They're a big part of our decision of the choice of Endo Cranio, with Dr. Jimenez. You see they're not only AWESOME ladies, but they're both Cranio moms!!! One was through it a while ago, and the other just more recently. They were a great support system and help during our trips.

Although we'd emailed, talked on the phone, and seen pictures of each other's kids, we'd never met. I'd never met her boys or seen how Cranio "looks" when it's all said and done. We finally got the chance to play at a great place called Lost In Fun, it's a great place to get together on a COLD day! (which it was!)

Here is MacKenzie and Kaitlynn playing having a good ole time!


Here's a picture of all three Cranio Kids together. This is the only one they were all three smiling in. Too bad they were looking at Brenda and Susan!


Friday, December 26, 2008

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!! Sorry to keep you waiting!

This blog started as a way to keep our family informed on what was going on with us, and Kaitlynn's condition, but it's turned into so much more. It's a way to make friends, and that I have. I've come across many people that I'll never be fortunate to meet, but we'll make friendships that I'll cherish forever.

See this marks my 100th post. And as a way to say thank you I want to give you a couple presents. Today is Christmas, and I want to give!

Jenny is an amazing lady, with beautiful children. We've been fortunate to meet and even get our kiddos together to play. Jenny is a Stay at Home mom, and with her husband they own Harmony Grove Candles. Their candles are just heavenly, and the best don't even have to light a flame. You see they're wickless and their aroma refreshes your whole home. Just read about their candles!

"Harmony Grove candles are created only using the highest quality fragrance oils available. Our fragrances are well known for their room filling and natural aroma from start to finish. It is our goal to provide fragrances that bring about fond memories, create a relaxing and cozy environment, and provide a welcoming feeling to all. "

Jenny was kind enough to help me out with my little giving post. She has put together a package that will warm your home just as much as it has mine!

Up for grabs is:
1 Harmony Grove Candle in Brandied Pear (my FAVORITE)
1 Harmony Grove Candle Warmer

Another great lady I've "meet" through blogging has been Kindra. She's got the warmest heart, and is the nicest lady. I've had the pleasure of buying from her, and will do it over and over again. Kindra was so easy to deal with, and she ships things out SUPER fast. Just go read her feedback over at her etsy store.

Kindra has also been kind enough to help me out with my 100th post.

Up For grabs from Kindra:
This lovely block set, I love the meaning, and it will go great in any home.

Here's how to win!!!
1. Come back and comment Every. Day. (7 chances there)
2. Blog about it. Tell everyone on your blog about it, and you'll have 5 more chances to win.
3. Leave a comment for Jenny or Kindra and let them know what your favorite thing is.
4. Become a follower, and let me know.
5. If you left a comment on the last post, I'll give you and extra chance.

Contest runs today (12/26) thru New Years Day (1/1/09) midnight.
Two winners will be chosen on 1/2/09 and announced, and notified.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pictures, Tagged, Announcements!

Here as promised are MacKenzie's Birthday Party For Jesus. The had such a good time, and it was great to be able to spend time with her at school.
First up, the whole class with their teacher Mrs. King
And well as Mrs. King says " It's all about the snacks!!!"
Then there was plenty of time to play. We played Ring around the Rosey, and Kaitlynn loved being able to spend time with her big sister!
I've been tagged to open up my picture folder, and pick the 4th folder, and the 4th picture and explain if necessary!

Well it's from our LAST swimming trip of the summer!

I about forgot I've got to tag 4 other people!
So I tag:
1. Beth
4. Ashley (I'm excited to see what she's got with her world travels!)
Also the big announcement is comming...but not today. I've got to get my cookies baked yet. I know it's Christmas eve, and you don't even have cookies baked for Santa??? NOPE. I. feel. horrible. about. it. But I guess as long as we get them baked it will be all okay?!?
Joel stayed home from work today because...he's got the bug. I was really hoping it wouldn't happen, and expecially now. He doesn't seem to have the same bug as the rest of us got though. He just can't get warm, and has knots in his stomach. He's spent the morning laying down and resting, so hopefully he'll feel well enough to make it to church this evening. Other wise I'm on my own! (don't worry the children have been warned...if you're not good we're not going to open presents tonight!)
What's on your holiday plans? Ours include church, then soup with my dad and grandparents tonight as well as opening gifts. Coming home WAY too late tonight, and getting to bed. Joel has to work tomarrow for a few hours, if he feels better. The kids will then get to open their stockings, and santa gifts. We'll make breakfast...mommy will blog about the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT....and then when daddy gets home we'll open gifts. For luch we will be spending it with my Dad's family. It's the first time we've gotten together in 4 years. My aunt, and cousins haven't even gotten to know the girls, and haven't seen Dahrran in a while. So it will be a great time to finally get everyone together.
That's what we're doing...tell me what you're doing!!! Their just may be a bonus if you do...hint hint!
And be sure to come back tomarrow for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Out of the Mouths of babes

Me: MacKenzie you have such a skinny tummy. (as I help her button her jeans) You're lucky you don't have to work for it.

Mackenzie: I have to work for it.

Me: You have to do sit ups and run to get your tummy skinny?

MacKenzie: YUP.

Me: No you don't. Silly Girl.

MacKenzie: I love you mommy,(and as she walks off) Scary tummy mommy! Ha, ha, scary tummy. Kaitlynn I just called mommy scary tummy.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's come and gone.

The sickie bug that is....well atleast we hope it's gone! It hit Dahrran first, then MacKenzie, then poor little Kaitlynn got it, and last but not least it's hit me. Not that I was to pleased to be under the weather with the nasty little bug. I do have to say though that I'm glad it's gone....we hope...Joel has yet to get it. And we need it to stay that way!
MacKenzie had her Christmas Birthday Party for Jesus on Thursday and I've got some great pictures to share with you!!! I know like you really want to see pictures of. my. kids.? Sure you do! But you're going to have to wait! I'm sorry, but there is a house that's calling my name.
For some reason, when Momma gets sick it's like the rest of my house decides it doesn't want to be clean. The toy boxes seem to vomit all over the place, as well as the laundry hampers, the dishes can't seem to make it to the sink because they're too sick as well, and well any trash that just happens to be in the can now decides it should remain on the floor. Not only does my house look like it had an upset stomach, along came a snow storm that sneezed all over the outside!
There is plenty to be done around here...and blogging with pictures isn't on the top of the to-do list! Sorry everyone, you'll have to wait!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

365 or 1460 ***How We Spend it!***

*** How We'll Spend It! ***
With two sick little girls curled up on our laps with the "puke bucket" between us! What better way to tell your spouse you love them, then to hold your sick children. I tell ya though to see him melt at the thought of his little girls being sick makes my heart melt!
Back to Life, Back to Reality!
Either way you look at it it's been Wonderful. Full of fun, full of challenges, but still wonderful. I can't look back on the last 4 years and help but wonder where they've went. Actually I don't care where they've gone because I've spent them with the man I love.

Four years ago today we said "I do" and professed "to God, and these witnesses," our love for each other. I knew the minute that I'd told him I was having his child, that he was the man I'd spend the rest of my life with. We were both young, and things were so confusing, but he made them calm, and my thoughts collected. He didn't falter or waive, he said we'd figure it out, and figure things out we have.

Joel, I love you more than I did the day we got married. Everything we've been through would've tore many couples apart, but for us it has made my love for you even stronger. There are so many things I've learned just by being your wife. You make me a better mother, sister, daughter and friend. I finally know what I want out of my life, and it's you and our family. Everything else will find it's place if it's "meant to be."

It may not seem like it now, but one day soon we will realize our dreams have come true. So many have, and there will be many more if we work hard, and love each other. I love you babe!!!!

On another note, I won a great little giveaway a week ago, and you've got to see what I won!

Aren't they just adorable??? I got them printed off over the weekend, and I am SOOO excited to get all my presents wrapped and get these little bad boys on them!!!!
You want to know how to get your hands on some handmade little goodies of your own???? Go on over to 3 Little Flowers - The Blog and check out Anelys stuff. She's got a giveaway going on that ends tonight! If you don't have your Christmas cards done yet this is P-E-R-F-E-C-T for you...or me, cause well mine aren't done yet either! I'm thinking they're going to be New Years cards instead this year!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Surprises in Store! **UPDATED**

Okay so I've got a few surprises, and no, The Cast Kids are not going to have a baby brother or sister. But we will have an addition to our family.

I can share one of them with you today, and the other in a while...but time will tell on that one!!!!

Want in on our surprise?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
I'm super excited. We're going to adopt an elf!!! Really a real elf from the North Pole is being sent to live at our house. Santa emailed me and asked if we would be willing to adopt one of his sweet little elves. From what I know, the little elf will come to live with us sometime tonight. We'll get to choose a name for him, and hopefully he won't get into too much trouble!!! He'll be with us during the holiday season, and will return to the North Pole each night to report back to Santa himself. After Christmas is over, he'll return to the North Pole to help prepare for next year. Hopefully he'll be able to stay with us for many Christmas's to come, and will be a great addition to our family!

I'll be sure to take pictures of our new elf, and his new family soon. And I'm sure we'll have many adventures with him/her. There are quite a few other little elves that are living with families across the US. Go on over and check out Bob and Twink! They seem to get into trouble....I hope ours is a good little elf!
Meet Mr. Jim. He came to our house yesterday, I'm not sure how he got here in all of the snow!!!! But he made it and that's what counts!!! He didn't want you to see his face just yet, so instead you'll have to settle for this.

Not Me Monday

Another edition of Not Me Monday is going on and I want you to participate!!! If you don't know how please go check out the rules on McMama's blog!!! Then when you get ALL done doing your Not me's go on over and be sure to enter your blog so other NMers can come check out your blog!!!!

Onward we go!

While trying to get some grocery shopping done on Thursday, I did not pick up a box of My Little Pony snacks, and proceed to open them and give my screaming daughter a package. I also did not then pick up the handful of snacks that she dropped and proceed to give them to her. Really, how filthy are those floors?!?

I also did not let MacKenzie stay up until daddy got home on Friday night, even though it was past her bed time, and she was clearly exhausted. I also did not have to carry a sleeping toddler to her bed when daddy got hom because she did not fall alseep because of said exhaustion.

I did not teach Kaitlynn to throw away her diapers because she knows how to walk. I mean really, what kind of mother makes her children carry their diapers to the trash can. And in throwing away diapers I do not mean disposables, because we're strictly a cloth diaper family, and I do not have a stack of disposables sitting in the drawer right now. Nope Not Me!!!!

My step sister is doing a report on Kaitlynn's Cranio in Jaunary at a competion for FCCLA, and after reading report I most certianly did not dry up an ink pen in corrections! Really not so much corrections as in editing. I would never re-write her report for her because this cause is so near and dear to my heart!!! Help is more the word...right???

Lately, I have not let my laundry get WAY past redemption. I mean seriously I faithfully go down to my laundry room every day and put a load of laundry in the wash machine. I also then fold that laundry when it comes out of the dryer and it goes STRAIGHT into our dressers! I LOVE to fold and put away laundry!

I am not out of things to say because you know I don't forget them unless I write them down!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Shoppe till I droppe!

"Do you have all your christmas shopping done yet?" This question has been asked over and over again of my the last few days. And as a of a few days ago the answer to that was always "no." I wish I could say that after a long long day of shopping yesterday, "I'm all done", but I know that's not true. Granted it's only a couple things that I need to pick up, mainly for the girls. (who wouldn't thunked it I thought Dahrran was going to be the hard one this year!!!)

Hopefully with a little bit of finishing up next week I'll be ALL. DONE.

Friday, December 12, 2008

First Snow

We've had a couple little snows, nothing too much, just enough to make the ground sparkle, and when the sun came up it was pretty much gone. So what do we do when Mommy realizes it that it's snowing, and it's almost bed time. Do we go to bed? HECK NO. We put on our boots, our snow coats aka farm coats (no I don't really have special coats for snow, it's just what MacKenzie called it!) and we go play in it. Forget that it's bed time and that it's still comming down!

And of course when Kaitlynn saw the big kids getting on their snow boots, and such she wanted to go! She even waved bye bye to Joel when he asked if she wanted to go outside!

See Grandpa this is how you make a snowball!! But I don't have any gloves MacKenzie!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Program Time

Tuesday night was Dahrran's Christmas program, it was K-2. He was so excited, and wanted to wear his good clothes to school that morning. He got to play a Shepard, but for a few minutes before it all started he was asked to be a wise man. (we were told this later by his teacher, one of the boys in his class was late showing up, and so she'd asked him to play his part, Dahrran's response "um...I guess I can") Thank goodness the other little boy showed up in time, and relief came over Dahrran. Any who, here's some pictures!!!!

Dahrran the Shepard.

Dahrran and his wonderfull Teacher, Mrs. Wiemer!!! (she was also mine, and Joel's second grade teacher!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If you're a mom!

Check this out!!!! You'll love it, just make sure if you're at work to turn your speakers down!!!!

**I know short and sweet, but I'm busy this week again, so everyone, HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!! See you this weekend!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday Deals

I don't know if you are a Black Friday shopper or not....but I do know that I am! There is only one big bummer in my plans this year...I have to work. None the less, I don't have to be there until 7:30am, and well most of you know who do shop the sales, know they start at 5am! By golly I'll be there. Thank goodness I don't need too much, I can stay close to home, get what I need and get back just in time to work.

But what if you're not the get out and go type? There are a LOT of sales going on right here on the Internet! Here are just a few that I'm sure to check out! And the best part most of them start at if you're still up late cleaning up after your Thanksgiving feast (which I'm sure I will be considering we're having dinner) you can check them out, and get the best deals!!!!

First up, check out Kandy Kisses they're having a great giveaway every hour, all you need to do is go on over and get yourself some tickets!!!

Next up we've got Creme de la Gems she makes SUPER cute handmade Christmas ornaments and they're just TOO DIE FOR! Check out their GRAND opening of their new website...opening up at Midnight!

And last but not least you HAVE TO check out The Vintage Pearl, she's got an awesome etsy shop with some great jewelry, and well I can tell you it's what I'm asking for for Christmas this year. She's got great things, and I especially love her mom jewelery. Any who check out her sales...which by the way won't be open until Midnight Thursday as well!!!!


If you haven't noticed I've been doing some changes around here...I'm not finished, and not yet satisfied. But I'm going to try and be done with them soon!!!!!! Stick with me, and hopefully I will have this up and running the way that I want it!

Everyone, have a safe holiday, and don't forget to Thank the Lord for all you've been given.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me Monday

It's been a while since I did one of these, but I've been meaning to. So here are a few of my Not Me's that I have most certianly NOT done recently!

I did NOT take my newly walking toddler outside, when she clearly had a cold, to play in the leaves on a windy day, with only a stocking cap and sweatshirt that I could take pictures. And well just so you know, those pictures did NOT turn out super cute either!

I did NOT let my daughter take a long nap, which by the way was WAY late in the afternoon, and almost till dinner time. I also DID NOT stay up later with said daughter because she couldn't sleep at 12:30...and when it was time for me to go to sleep, I most certianly DID NOT put a screaming toddler in her bed, in the same room as her sister, and let her cry to sleep.

I most certianly did NOT stay up WAYY too late working on a special project for two special someones, and then let the sleep deprovation get the best of me.

This week before church, I did NOT bribe my children with "If you're good in church we'll go get lunch at McDonalds." I also was NOT that mother you saw carrying out a screaming toddler, about 45 minutes in, because really shouldn't I teach my chilren we don't get our way in church? I also did NOT give in when we left and buy them luch. . .but I DID stick to my wasn't McDonalds, even though I thought better of it.


Well that's what I haven't done this week, but here's something that you should do!!!

There is this great blog that is having an awesome giveaway....and well I'm hoping to win....but I'm willing to share the chance with you!!! Comeon go on over and check out the Cloth Diaper Wisperer it's a great blog with all kinds of Cloth Diaper info and products!!! You can enter to win this great lot!!

Ultimate Fluff Friday

Also there is another fun giveaway going on over at 3 Little Flowers. She's giving away 100 Mommy cards!!!! Comeon you know you want to go on over and check her out!!!!


I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Sky, I was the winner of one of her recent giveaways, and I can't wait to share what I won with Dahrran!!!! Also you really need to check out her blog, not only does she have TWO fun give aways going on, she's got a beautiful family! So come on check out her blog, and be sure to enter to win both of these GREAT Prizes! As I've said before, I really want to win them myself, but this is the season for giving, and I'm giving you the chance too!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This was about a month ago, but I'm just now getting to the pictures!!! Happy Birthday Dad!!

Hey you think those are trick candles? They keep relighting...and Dahrran kept blowing them out!!!
Anyone know what this is...? or what it's for? It's butter, and in my family we have this tradition of buttering people's noses on their birthdays! It's always fun to try and surprise the birthday person!

My dad even helped MacKenzie reposition the butter after it started to fall off her finger! What a great sport! She thought it was so funny though that she got to get Grandpa!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I didn't get a chance to put up the kid's pictures from Halloween because we left the next morning. I'd found the cutest outfit for Kaitlynn when way back in September. When I'd brought it home, MacKenzie was so upset because SHE wanted to be a butterfly. I set out on a search for another butterfly costume that was just as cute, and just a few days later I came across this one!

Dahrran of course had to make it complicated again on me, and wanted to be an elephant! I couldn't find a coustume, and so I decided to atempt it myself. I wasn't exactly estatic over how it turned out but Dahrran was, and that's all that matters!!!

Guess What?

Guess what little Miss Kaitlynn learned to do? Yup you guessed it, walk!!! It's a great thing, and I'd recomend any parents who want their little one that is close to walking, to walk, to spend the night/day in a hotel! The closeness of everything gives them great sense of security, and maybe just maybe it will get them to walk...It worked for Kaitlynn!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I know I know

We've been home for a week officially in a few hours, and I still haven't told you that we're here!!! It's amazing how much life passes you by when you decided to go on "vacation." I didn't really want to blog about our trip until I could get some pictures for you all to see.

Our trip was over all great. Other than staying for two extra days, it was our best trip. Kaitlynn on the other hand wasn't the best trooper this time around. For her it was the worst trip she's had, ridding wise! We couldn't keep her occupied more than a few minutes before she'd start screaming. Needless to say she ended up fussing herself to sleep more than once.

We did find out that this is her last helmet, which I think I mentioned in my last post. So it is a big relief for us to know that we are offically done with the stinky hard plastic that has hindered many a cuddles. As I told Joel tonight, when we were making supper, "knowing that this is her last helmet, makes me want to make sure she wears it all the more. I then know that I'll have no regrets (which we don't!!!)." Knowing that it's her last, it makes it easier to plan our lives. We feel free! It's really hard to explain, but once you've been through it all you just get it!

So what have we been doing since we got home? Cleaning mainly, getting back into routine of school, preschool, ccd, work, and babysitting. We got to take the kids to Grandma & Grandpa's house for some late Trick-o-Treating. And we got to visit some friends today, or shall I say meet some new friends!

Errands are never fun, unless you have something to look forward to. Well I found out a while back that we don't live far from Jenny. And it just so happens that she has a MacKenzie as well. Jenny and her husband make wickless candles, and have just reopened their new website! Well I've been wanting to get my hands on some of them for a while, but since I knew we lived so close I was being cheap, and not wanting to pay shipping. We had tried to get together one other time, but her littles ended up not feeling well. I was SO excited when she emailed me today and said that they'd be home and I could stop by before I ran my errands! Not to mention the two MacKenzie's were excited as well! What else could make it better than finally getting my hands on 4 little goodies!!!!!

Let me just tell you, they smell incredible!!!! I loved all the scents and surely will have to get some more. You have got to go check them out!!! I got the Brandied Pear, Christmas Splendor, Harmony Grove, & Cinnamon Bun. I couldn't decide which one I wanted to put on the warmer first, but Brandied Pear managed to make it's way there. I'm thinking of putting the Cinnamon Bun on when I leave for work in the morning...considering Joel was making fun of me saying he wanted Cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Poor man, his mother makes the best rolls, and I just make hockey pucks! Any who, you really should go on over and check out Jenny and her wickless candles. She just got done having a great giveaway, and I'm sorry that I'm too late to tell you about it, but if you check back often there just may be another one soon!

Now for the pictures! I put the trip ones on a slide show that way their easier!!! ****

****Sorry I can't figure out how to post it directly here...and well I'm still sitting up with MacKenzie. She played so hard today that she crashed when Joel got them home, and both girls slept for over 4 hours! Kind of my fault, but oh, well she doesn't know we're going to bed in just a few minutes!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Home Sweet....Motel?What?!

Well I wish I could say that it was a long drive, and we're all tired, but we're home. Unfortunatly I can't say that.

What I can say is that we've had bad news and good news in the last 24 hours.

First off with the bad news: Kaitlynn's new helmet wasn't made correctly, and didn't fit her at all!!!!! I had a bad feeling when the helmet guy brought it in, and it was the same shape as her head is currently. Normally her helmets are a squareish round.(I know, not really explaining it but it's the best I can do!) Well they talked me into thinking it was okay.

We headed off to see our Neurosurgen, and he takes one look at it, and says this isn't right. We've got to fix it. So he was headed any ways to Flordia where they make her helmets, and was going to personally make sure her's was correct this time!!!!!

Now we're stuck here in San Antonio until Friday.

For the good news!!!!! THIS IS OUR LAST HELMET!!! Yes I'm screaming it from the roof tops, and yes you did hear me correctly! LAST ONE!!!!! WHOO HOO!!! We will just have to come back two years post surgery, which will be in January of 2010. When we out grow this new one we won't have to come back!! It was the best news we got this whole trip

I was worried about her Cephalex index having not changed, and Dr. Jimenez eased my mind. He measured my head, and my Cephalex was at 71%..Kaitlynn's is 73%...which means Kaitlynn's head is rounder than mine!!!!! AMAZING! (Joel was quite pleased about this and keeps teasing me!!!) He also measured Joel's (80%) and MacKenzie's (75%), and from looking at Dahrran's he's concluded that Kaitlynn has my head, and the older two have Joel's! Pretty neat if you ask me!j

So here we are couped up in the motel for another day with a screaming infant, cranky preschooler, and pestering schooled child!!!! Kaitlynn's cutting teeth, MacKenzie is whinny for no reason other than she wants to go home, and Dahrran is SOO bored with everyday routine it's not even funny! We're trying to keep them busy!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Some fun times....and I've been tagged

Well I'll start off with our trip to the big SAN AN went well, but not as well as I'd liked. Needless to say the guy that did Kaitlynn's scans didn't ease any of my fears, and neither did the Neursosurgery nurse. I'm just hoping that our Neurosurgen can ease them.

I do have one thing good to say though, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new scan machine!!!! Awesome. Easy. Fast. Simple. Minutes, not half an hour!!!!! But the guy reading them couldn't tell me squat. He "thinks" that her cephalex index was at 73.2% and if I'm not thinking correctly, her scan last time we were here was at 73%. I mean SERIOUSLY! This can't be true right? It's been 6 months since our last trip, and six. whole. months. since our last helmet!!! If this is correct, our Neurosurgen, will be getting an ear full!!!! But it's probably not his fault, it's the helmets and I know that!

Yesterday after our appointment on our way back to Georgetown we decided to head "off the beaten path" and take the kids to a Safari Ranch. It was So. Much. Fun.!!! And of course I'll have pictures when we get back!!!!!!

Also I've been tagged by Jenny over at Daily Dose of Motherhood has tagged me to post 7 Random things about myself!!!! This is always fun, and I thought I'd get on it before I forgot! Cause well I have a tendency to do that kind of thing! :) (and when you get done reading mine, be sure to check out Jenny's!!!)

1. One of my favorite colors is Pink, but had you asked me 4 years ago, and it wouldn't have been pink. I instantly fell in love with the color when I had MacKenzie, girls clothes are just more adorable in Pink, so hey why not buy it for myself!!! I've got it all from pink shoes, to pink purses.

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my MIL's fresh baked bread. Even though she's given me the brand she uses, I still like her's better! Oh, and her homemade chicken.......YUMMMMMMM!!!!!! Makes me want to go home right now to get some!

3. I secretly hope we have another girl, when we decided to have another child. But I secretly am ready to get rid of my baby girl stuff!!!! (if that makes sense!)

4. My inlaws are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in just a few short weeks...I look up to them for everything! They're such a great couple, and I know it will be fun to be them, in 36 more years! :D

5. That last one wasn't really about me, except that I really can't wait to grow old with DH! LOL! So I'll tell you another little known fact about DH and I! He says he knew that we'd be together when I was in 6th grade, and he saw me for the first time get on the school bus. . . for me it was a little bit later. I wish I could say that for me it was love at first sight, but I just knew that we were ment to be together when I told him I was pg. with Dahrran, and he looked at me and said, " We'll find a way to get through this" and gave me a big hug! I love that man so much!

6. I have big feet, that make it SUPER hard to buy shoes. Probably why I don't understand the obsession that women have with them.

7. I love to sew, but I mostly use my machine to patch jeans!!! Although I did make a new comforter/quilt for little Kaitlynn's bed! I've also made pillows, halloween costumes, curtians, and a few blankets!

Now it's my turn to tag people!!!

1. Beth at The Nut House
2. Sky at Seeryus Mama
3. Bethany at Graham Cracker Crumbs
4. Ashley over at Keepin' up with the Jones'
5. Asley at The Land of Marie's
6. Dizzy Broad at A fresh take on paper
7. Lauren at Stay Classy

Alrighty, that's it for me! Hope everyone has had a great night watching the elections! So far Obama is in the lead, and I'm headed to bed!!!! Nighty Night!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

We made it and kept our sanity!

So we got leaving about 5:45 am yesterday morning, and made it down here about 5:45 pm. The kids did AWESOME!!!! Not many fights except over the red and black marker when we'd lost the other two! Kaitlynn had the worst trip of all of them though so far. She couldn't decide what she wanted, and then decided to throw it all. She was a little fussy, and cranky, but didn't do too bad!

We're staying with family, and it's SOOO NICE!!!! The kids even have cousins to play with. They're playing "office" as a I type. We've been able to relax here without getting on eachother's nerves. Tomarrow we'll head out bright and early to San Antonio, for Kaitlynn's appointment!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Calls that End in Tears

First things first, I know I'm late, but Happy Halloween everyone. The kids had a blast tonight, and got loaded with lots of looks to be good stuff! I'll probably get pictures up when we get back. Dahrran was an Elephant, MacKenzie and Kaitlynn were butterflies! TOO CUTE!

We're headding out bright and early in the morning, or shall I say in a few minutes it will be this morning! The alarm is going off at 4:30, and it's almost midnight! I still have a little bit of packing to do yet when we get up!

So yeah, but boy do I have a story for you! So today I was getting ready to head out the door to get $$$$ and munchies for the trip when I got a call from our Neurosurgery clinic. I figured they were confirming our appointment for next week, like they always do. Well they were, but they were also informing me that the place where we get our helmets done, will no longer be doing them....and that on Monday morning we are to report to the hospital instead. Okay, well the stupid nurse knows NOTHING other than that, and will not give me anymore information. I'm so confused at this point because I had no idea! So finally the head nurse calls me back and explains it all to me. . . when I ask her more questions, she has no answers for me! OIGH! SO needless to say I don't really know what all we're in for this time around. I hope it goes smoothly, and easy, but I'm just not sure!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me Monday

I know I know, you all need something new to read. And yes we're all doing fine. It's just been crazy busy around here. I know you're tired of hearing about how busy we are too! I truely am sorry. Every day when I get around to reading my blogs, I think "ya know, I could blog everyday", and then it hits me...when? I mean I took 10 minutes to hang out laundry today and when I got back in, the girls were both soaked from the waist up. But back to daily do you ladies do it? How do you find the time to be mom, wife, housekeeper, taxi driver, seemstress, chef, employee, and still have the chance to find time for yourself?

Anywho it's time again for another Not Me Monday!

So this week I most certianly did NOT decide that yesterday was perfect laundry hanging out weather. I mean it was nice and breezy, and well ya know 40 degree weather will totally get them dry in record time. I also did NOT hand out more laundry today when the weather is only a few degree's cooler, because seriously people laundry is easier to hang when your fingers are frozen!

I also did NOT agree to work on the assumption that my husband would be home on time, before talking to him. Only to have him not show up because he didn't know he was supposed to be home, and then me panic-ing 5 minutes before I was supposed to work! I always make sure I have a babysitter before I say I'll work, because you know my boss totally lets me know more than an hour before she wants me to work.

I did NOT make rice crispy bars yesterday so I could eat them, and was hungry for them. I made them so the kids could cut them in to fun fall shapes, frost them, and put sprinkles on them, because it made a neat "craft". You know I also did NOT eat 3 of them lastnight, and one for breakfast this morning!

And I'm also NOT secretly hoping they'll tell us that Kaitlynn doesn't need another helmet. Even though I know she will, and it's better if they do put another helmet on her. But you know, I'm so NOT tired of her smelly little hard head everytime she cuddles!

We've had fun the last week, we got to meet with family from out of state, and have a nice dinner. We've enjoyed some of the last days of warm weather, picked out some nice pumpins in hopes of getting them carved, done LOTS of fun fall/halloween crafts, and of course lots of household things!

In the next week I'm sure I won't get around to blogging either. We're headed for Texas again soon for yet another helmet trip. I'm hoping it will be our last trip for a while, but I'm not quite sure! I'll try to update you when we arive, and such or if you're family I'm sure we'll be in touch!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Quiet weekened ahead!

Well it's been over a week since I posted last, and it doesn't even seem like that. Here's our week in a recap.

In the last week we have.....
Celebrated my sister's 18th birthday.
Watched The Huskers get their butts kicked.
Celebrated our nephew's 1st birthday.
Got Kaitlynn's helmet checked out, (everything is okay, we'll be headin to Texas the beginning of November)
Found a HUGE preying mantis. (pictures later)
Took said praying mantis to Kindergarten.
Took said praying mantis to Preschool.
Let said praying mantis go, so "it could have babies, and we'll see them later"(mackenzie)
Celebrated my 24th Birthday
Talked to a real estate agent to put our house on the market(yet again)
FRANTICLY Cleaned the house, only to have said agent change the time/date
Kept the house clean so that said agent can come back tomorrow.
Mommy worked Thursday, and Friday, and will again tomorrow.
Daddy worked a VERY long day on Monday in the rainy cold weather...outside power washing! YUCK!

And in the quiet weekend ahead we will:
Dahrran will attend a birthday party for a neighbor.
Go to church...Dahrran gets to help out!!! (he's super excited)
Daddy will work all weekend.
Mommy will work tomarrow.
Said real estate agent will come, to PUT OUR HOUSE ON THE MARKET!!!!

And things we're hoping will happen:
SOMEONE WILL CALL SOMETIME AND WE'LL SELL ......soon.....okay so we're really hoping to have the house sold by the end of the month, if not next we can get the acreage we're hoping for. But we also know God has a reason, and a plan, and we're part of it.

So I'll leave you with my favorite saying!

"Someday everything will all make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that EVERYTHING happens for a reason!"
(we're just hoping our someday comes soon!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

This is what we do when Brother isn't home! We have mini photo shoots! He keeps telling me that I need to have his!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday

I know it's been a while since I blogged...okay so it's been a week! I'm sorry! We've been crazy busy, and at night all I want to do is sit on the couch with my sweet husband! So I'm going to try my luck at another Not Me Monday.

Okay so if you've McMama's this week, I'm going to kind of have to steal borrow one from there!! But I swear I'd thought of it BEFORE I read her post!

I did not let Kaitlynn wear sposies all MONTH because it's easier to have a little one in cloth when they've got a serious case of the runs. I also did not let her wear them somtimes, and then forget about them being in the wet bag. You know because it's totally not me if they get washed on a every other day basis like they need to be!

I did not make my daughters sleep in a paint fume filled room last night, because it wasn't easier than setting up make shift camp in my room! And well because it wasn't just too cute to see them in their new Pink and Green room! (But I did leave the windows open, and two fans on in there!)

I also did not help my husband fold laundry only to leave it laying on the floor where the kids could get to it, and totally not knock it over and not make a HUGE mess. And I did not get upset when they knocked them over...why would I get upset, I mean it was kind of my fault!

I did not beg my sister to come help me paint, just so I could see her and get the kids to see her. I mean what kind of sister does that!

And last but not least, when my little sister called and complained that her side was hurting "really bad" and that her "apendix burst" I so did not blow her off, and think RIIIIIIIGHT! And then when I needed to leave and seriously couldn't find my keys,(call her, and she sounds fine,) I so did not quit looking for the said keys. Because seriously what kind of sister does that. (BTW I think she's just come down with some sort of a bug because she ended up not going to school today!)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Not Me Monday

I don't know if any of you have noticed the little button that I've put on my side bar. But I LOVE reading about McMama and her family. She's the sweetest lady, and has some pretty cute kids. Any who, if you haven't read about her then you should really check them out! (just click on her button, and it will take you straight to her blog!)

Anyways, McMama is having a fun new thing for Monday's : Not Me Monday . You make a list of the things you "did not" do this week! Sounds like fun right? Come on you know you want to, it's also therapeutic!!!! Here I go!


I did not over sleep this morning, and go to work with my hair unwashed an thrown in a pony tale because I just didn't care.

I did not let my daughters wear their pj's until after lunch, because I just did not have time to change them this morning.

I did not get mad at my husband for shutting off my alarm on Sunday morning at 5 am, only to shut it off myself when it went off at 7am. I also did not rush to get my family ready when I woke up at 9am to make it to church by 11.

I did not take a much needed "mommy day", and did not come home way too late!

I am not sitting here typing away, reading blogs while Kaitlynn fusses because she's tired of drinking milk/water, and only wants to be held.

I also am not sitting here blogging while Dahrran lays behind the couch whining because I wouldn't get up and get him a snack. But when I asked what he wanted, he wouldn't tell me. So I'm also not feeling sorry for him.

Remember that much needed "mommy day?" Well I did not feel bad when DH called and said he had a guy coming to check some cows, and he needed me to get home ASAP! Or at least I'd like to think that I did not.


There it goes, come on let me know what you did not do this week!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The things we do

There are a TON of things on my to do list right now, and obviously since I'm sitting here typing they're not getting done! I've got a house that needs a MAJOR deep cleaning, painting, and the lawn that needs to be mowed. Along with dishes, laundry, and a million other household things!! Along with that I haven't caught up on MANY of my favorite blogs in over a week, so I've got a lot of catching up to do. Emails to write, phone calls to make.

Guess what I'm getting at is, does anyone want to be my personal assistant? Make some calls, clean some house, and paint my house... . . . ...all for a reasonable price??? The biggest thing is getting this house painted before fall. I'm sure it probably won't happen, but I wish someone would give us a decent bid on doing it, instead of $7,000 like the last guy! I'm wiling to help scrape paint, and even help paint as much as we can do. But there are some heights of this house that I just can't reach!!!!!

So here I go, I'm going to try to tackle that project right now, and scrape until my heart is content! LOVELY!!!!! It's a nice day, and I'll provide the snack and lemonade! Comeon over!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guardian Angels

It's been another busy week here at the Cast household. With my training going on at the Post Office, and Joel heading out to HHD (Husker Harvest Days) we've been a "drop and go" family. For those of you not familiar with HHD, it's an AWESOME thing for farmers/cattlemen/men in general! It's a three day event that includes harvesting demonstrations, cattle working demonstrations, and TONS of booths and stuff to look up! It's a big event, 10 city blocks wide by 10 city blocks long! Let me tell you it's ONE BIG THING!!! And boy do you get your exercise by the time you've walked 1/4 mile just to get in from your car, and then try. key. word. try. to get through it all!

Joel decided for the first year that he was going to take some cattle out to show them off! It worked out really well, and he had a great time. The heifers did great and were calm as ever! Joel had a great time, and enjoyed meeting all the people that came through. The highlight of his trip though was when a man came up to him and commented on our bull that we'd put on Randy Schwang's sale back in March. He wanted to know if we were going to have any more bulls, heifers or anything for that matter, to put on the sale next year! Pretty impressive! Joel was just over joyed that someone remembered us!
Someone wasn't happy at all to see her daddy was she?

Here's Joel just having a good time, see his pretty teeth?

Here's one of the girls Joel spent three days with

And here's the other!

While Joel was gone some of our other heifers decided they didn't want to be in the pasture anymore and they wanted to gallivant around the city. They ended up in the cemetery, and dad ended up having to catch them because I was in Lincoln buying this. (but I'll tell you about that one later! :) )

Last night one of them decided she would take two of the calves and go out gallivanting again! Thank goodness she didn't take them to the cemetery and they stayed close. We were able to get them in pretty easily, but decided it was time to start feeding hay. No more getting out!

Off we went to get the tractor and bale feeder from dad's house. Joel headed out to grandpa's house with the big ole tractor, running at about 4 miles an hour (it's a 3 1/2 mile drive!), with the bale carrier, and bale feeder wired on. So I knew he had time, and I waited a little bit to head out. When I finally caught up with Joel he was about 3/4 of a mile from grandpa's house. I stopped him to tell him I was running home to get his mud boots. Before I could even get the 5 blocks home, and get in the house Joel had already called the house, my cell, and the house again. When he got a hold of me this is what I heard. "Call the sheriff and get over here, I just got rear-ended." You never think that it's going to happen to you, or that even someone wouldn't be paying attention and rear-ended IN. A. TRACTOR.

The other driver wasn't paying attention to the road and was messing with his radio. He'd saw the light off the tractor but didn't even realize that Joel was going as slow as he was. When I got there the bale carrier was broke off, and the bale feeder was around the other driver's truck. There was a smashed windshield, and the passenger ended up needing stitches for cuts. The driver was okay, just shaken up.

Joel ended up getting taken in because he was having some neck pain along with one Major headache. Thank goodness his CAT scan came back okay and he was then checked over, stitched up and sent home. He needed two stitches, chipped his front tooth, and possibly his bottom front teeth. Other than that he's doing okay, just sore as all get out. We're thanking our guardian angels that no one was hurt.

This is what is left of the bale feeder. It was round. Not so much any more, and will probably be scrap metal!

This is the bale carrier's top. It broke the welds, and cracked some of the metal on the back side.

Remember my husband's pretty teeth? Well here they're not so pretty! :(

And here's a look at my husband's FIRST. set of stitches EVER.


Remember when I told you about MacKenzie starting preschool? Well I've been meaning to get the pictures up for a while now, but I thought while I was doing so many pictures, I'd get them here too!!!! She's doing great with preschool.

Can you tell she was excited?

Although she wasn't as happy when she got to school. She started to cry and didn't want to get out of the car, until she saw Uncle James. Thank goodness Joel's brother was there and was making jokes! Rylyn, James' youngest, is in the same preschool class as MacKenzie, so they have a good time together.

Since I'm so far behind on pictures I'm going to give you a preview of what's to come. What do you think these cute kiddo's could be getting ready to do with mud boots on?