Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring Programs

Dahrran and MacKenzie had their spring programs on the same night this year and it was so nice to be able to head in for one night! For MacKenzie’s part of the program they just sang a few songs, sadly I didn’t get any video of her program! Dahrran’s program was called The Bear Went Over the Mountain.

Dahrran had the part of a fox! His friend Dawson was a raccoon!  Dahrran’s awesome teacher Mrs. Fowler!

DSC00471 DSC00472

MacKenzie with her great teacher Mrs. Wiemer!


There is at least one of them in any given picture that is upset over something!

DSC00493 DSC00494

And just a little video for you of Dahrran’s speaking parts!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little bike riding

Dahrran has been one child who could care less if he had a bike to ride or not. He was almost 4 before he even learned to pedal the thing! He learned just last year how to ride without training wheels, even though the whole summer before one was broken and he was getting by with just one. It was something about the security of having them on that made him feel safe.

MacKenzie on the other hand is a little dare devil. She would ride super fast with her training wheels on and stand up. Dahrran was starting to get to big for his bike and so we decided yesterday to pick him up a new one. MacKenzie declared this afternoon that she was going to try riding Dahrran’s bike today, even though yesterday we offered to take her training wheels off. I knew she’d be a natural at it, and after only holding on to her for about 5 feet she was on her way. (Dahrran would FREAK if we even said we were going to let go!)

Here’s a little video I got of her second time riding without training wheels! :) She now has graduated to Dahrran’s old bike and has passed hers on to Kaitlynn! It was a win win, because Kaitlynn was going to need a new bike this summer too! Now if I could only break down and buy myself a bike!!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Emerging from the Craft Room

I got a wild hair last week to redecorate/paint my craft room. We were set to do a whole makeover with cabinetry and all. Have you priced cupboards and countertops lately??? OH MY! For the space we were wanting to put in cupboards, I figured we’d spend around $500.00, but hopefully less. Little did I know! We chose the cheapest cabinets and by far the cheapest countertop and still ended up with a bill of $750.00 for a 54” space. CRAZY! It consisted of 4 total cabinets.

After a humbling trip to Menards we decided to just forget the cabinets. Instead I decided to paint and just buy a white table to put up. I also decided to do a chalkboard wall, which Joel wasn’t exactly pleased with the idea of. As much as I said it wouldn’t happen, my children have managed to write on almost EVERY single wall in my house. No matter how many coloring books they have (believe me there are probably 10 for each kid!), they’ve managed to get a wall. I decided why not let them have a wall in the house they can color on and NOT get in trouble?! Plus I figured if I inform them this is the ONLY wall they can color on, and if I catch them writing on any other walls they’ll be in trouble. It could work……

So I spent most of the day painting on Saturday. I’m pleased overall so far. We left one wall white after getting three of the walls painted. Of course it’s going to need a fresh coat of white paint because it’s a wall the kids have managed to mark up. Watch for pictures to come soon. That is if I ever make it back upstairs to blog again. Someone want to come organize for me?