Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tired Tired Girl

Kaitlynn is our little stinker. When she gets hurt she will. not. come. to. you. She will stand wherever she is at and cry her heart out. Usually she puts her hands up to her face and cries. If she is close to the floor she will lay down and have it out.

We're trying to let her cry things out if she's not seriously hurt. She was in the habit of having to have one of us pick her up if she was crying. She would not calm down until one of us picked her up, and usually most of the time it didn't help.

On this night she was extrememly tired. She'd went on all day with about 45 minute nap and was overly tired. Couple that with eye teeth comming in and you have one tired, cranky child. She was doing pretty well until about an hour before bed time. Boy does she love books, until she lightly shuts her finger in the door. Then this happens. . .

Forget the fact that she was only a foot from the floor. She thought it'd be easier to just lay her head on the bookcase. She stood like this long enough for me to get at least a dozen pictures.

Needless to say though she wasn't pleased with the number of pictures I was taking, and the fact that I hadn't picked her up yet. She went on to stop her feet and throw a fit because I was taking pictures. Gee I wonder where she's seen it happen before...MacKenzie! Let the terrible two's begin!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Snow Day

Two weeks ago they were talking this HUGE snow storm that was going to take us over. We were supposed to get 10 inches in a matter of hours with the talk of Thunder Snow. On Thursday evening I layed awake watching the 10 o'clock news when Dahrran's school popped across the bottom - Closed. I figured I'd sleep in and then surprise Dahrran in the morning and we'd go play in the snow.

When we awoke there was not a single flake of snow on the ground or in the air. I thought this is nuts. They cancel school and there isn't any snow out there. I went about our day getting things cleaned around the house and in the mean time looking out the window every so often. 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, nothing no snow, no flakes. N.o.t.h.i.n.g. I headed to the basement to throw a load of laundry in. When I returned a mere 10 minutes later, the ground was almost white.

I couldn't believe it. We were actually going to have snow to play in. It snowed hard and fast and by 3 in the afternoon it was almost done with about 7 inches on the ground. The first of the snow was wet and packing, the rest was actually light and fluffy.

With snow comes sledding. The kids love to sled. We waited for a nice day and took everyone out sledding!




Joel spent most of his time at the top of the hill pushing the kids down it. They realized they could go faster if he pushed them, and he was having a blast.
We've had some beautiful days since this day a few weeks ago, and I was even ready for spring. Until Mother Nature took it away from me. Yesterday was almost 60 degrees, today the high was 41 at 10am. YUCK! It's freezing outside with talk of 2-4 inches by the time Sat morning gets here. Looks like we may have another day of sledding in the books soon!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Making Cookies

Valentines day is a day to spend with your sweetheart. Usually husbands buy flowers and wives buy cards, which is usually followed up by a nice dinner kid free. Honestly this year I didn't care if we went out for dinner, I didn't even care if Joel brought home flowers. I wanted to spend the day with the kids making cookies, or frosting them.

I know I'm behind on the times. With the blog makeover going on, and me messing things up for about a week, I am behind! Look forward to a bunch of catch up posts. I also left out "Review it Thursday" this week, but am in hopes of an AWESOME review this next week. I've found some new Cloth Diapers that I am head over heels in LOVE with, and plan on showcasing them soon!

On to the pictures! :) I baked 50 cookies on Friday evening, and the kids and I frosted them Sat. afternoon. We had a great time and I let the kid each have their own plate of frosting! I'll let the pictures tell the rest! Have a great Friday!







No cookies were harmed in the last picture. Jackson just wanted to get some for himself!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Piggie Tails

Kaitlynn's hair is finally long enough to put into piggie tails. It's been long enough for a while, but I haven't had any little pony's to put it in. Thankfully she, for the most part, leaves them alone. You put a bow clip in her hair and she'll leave it alone. I think it's from all the time in the helmet that it doesn't bother her anymore.


Helmet? But where is it, you ask? I thought you would. We're DONE, DONE I tell you! I officially decided that it was time. We were starting to have some strange bruising on her forehead and so I decided it was time to be done. She loves pretties in her hair...if you can get them in!

And here is just one of the three holigans! It's so hard to get a picture of the three of them. Especially on where they're all smiling. Usually the first few pictures Dahrran is smiling, but the girls aren't. By the time I get the girls to smile, Dahrran gives me this! So I take it for what it is!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Little bits of random

So since I'm not really totally in charge of my new blog look, I've had to do something to keep busy. It's driving me nuts that I don't have a full new look, but I will get over it. When I get my bloggerroo done I'm going to be pleased...I just know I will....for a few weeks any how! You see I know I shouldn't worry about what the design is, as long as I have readers. But what good are readers if you don't fill their minds with something to read!

I've been a slacker, I know that. I apologize. To the readers that check in on us daily and I have nothing for you. To the readers that have nothing to read and only come here and I let them down. To those of you who just come to pass time. And to those of you who know us the best and want to somehow know more! I apologize. I'm sorry I have let you down, I'm sorry I have gave you nothing to fill your thoughts, I'm sorry I haven't updated you on what we're doing.

This is my vow to you. I will try harder, I will love harder, I will blog more. I will be a better person not only to my family but to total strangers. I will post a picture with every blog no matter what the subject.

In this economy I realize times are hard, but it finally hit me the other day. Joel changed jobs back in July and at the time it wasn't a big deal. We had family tell us it was a mistake, we had friends as if it was really okay. Sure the insurance sucked and the pay was a little less, but it was doing something he loved and that's what mattered. We've joked amongst ourselves since then that it was for the best and I've heard "I'm glad I don't work there" a ton of times since then. I've never really felt either way about it.

Joel was working the same place that my dad works, and has for over 20 years, making mufflers for cars and trucks. It hit me hard how bad the economy is a few days ago. I finally had the same feelings as Joel has voiced over and over again since August. My dad has been cut back to 35 hour work weeks from now until who knows when. Thank goodness he has his benefits, but I don't know how they'll do it with 5 hours less a week. My youngest sister is a senior this year and so there are plenty of expenses that come along with it.

If you could just say a little prayer I'd appreciate it. Not only for my dad, but for two of Joel's uncles that have had some devastating news this week. I'm not going to talk about that today, I got some bad news last night and haven't spoken with Joel too much about it. We just need you to pray that everything works out and for God to help in every way possible. Because through him all things are good.

And since I'm vowing to post a picture with every blog here we go!
MacKenzie had Jackson,our dog, and asked me to take a picture!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I'm sorry to all of you who have come here the last week and have seen an error message. No I didn't go anywhere, and I'm still here. I just have had my blog shut off. It's been a mess. I was hoping I could come back on and the change would be awesome. There would be a whole new layout, background, header, and EVERYTHING. didn't exactly happen. Parts are done and others are waiting on a great blogging friend and her husband who are helping me out!

If you come back over the next few days and there are things that don't look right. Just keep comming back. Maybe by the end of the week I'll have a permanat (or semi cause I like to change things up) background. It's going to be a Mess around here, and I hope you'll join me Among the Mess!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pictures from our Minication!

I planned on getting these up when we got back, but of course I've been busy! So being busy means I've had my camera with me quite often. Which means TONS of pictures, and TONS of posts comming up! :) But First.
Dahrran and MacKenzie summing up the water slides for little kiddos...which were slick as all get out, and only Dahrran would go down them.
Kaitlynn and daddy hanging out in the small water slide pool.


Dahrran was having a great time, and he's usually not our fish.
MacKenzie is usually our fish, and unfortunatly she wasn't having the greatest time. Because you see I forgot to bring her life jacket...and last time we didn't have her life jacket she about drowned in the Hot Tub...and she still remembers it. So not so much swimming for her unles she had a tight grip on Joel or myself. She loved to put her feed in the Hot Tub this time.

Kaitlynn had a great time, and was enjoying walking away from us. Unfortunatly she doesn't have the best sea legs yet and so she would slip easily. We've agreed she'll be getting a life jacket as well come this summer. She seems to be a fish like her sister.
All in all it was a wonderful weekend, and I'm glad we took the time to make memories with the kids! We'll be doing it again.

Review it Thursdays

Have you heard about Scentsy? Scentsy is a wickless candle company with over 80 different scents to choose from. Not only do they carry wickless candles they also carry room fragrance sprays, and car candles.
Read the Scentsy Story!
"Scentsy “Makes Perfect Scents”. We are pioneering the move away from the smoky, sooty candles of today to safe, healthy, fun and creative ways to bring the scents that make us happy into our lives. We offer over 80 high quality fragrances delivered in a variety of ways. Our flagship product is the Authentic Scentsy Bar, an impressively fragrant wickless candle bar that is warmed in a warmer rather than burned with a flame."
I came across Scentsy through Andrea at Moody Mama Says (formerly Life's a Hoot) who recently became a consultant. Andrea sent me out the Exotic Vanilla Car Candle to try. I've had it in my car for about two weeks now, and I LOVE IT. Every time I open my doors it's as if I've cleaned out my car. There is a burst of clean fresh scent everytime we go someplace.
Scentsy candles are great for all Mom's. Scentsy warmers use a 35watt light bulb, and there are styles for everyone. They even have nightlight plug ins! With over 80 scents you're bound to find something for your sniffer.
Andrea wants you to have a car candle as well. Head on over to Andrea's Scentsy site, browse through the catalog, then come back and tell me what is your FAVORITE thing is and what'd you love to try.
For extra entries:
*Buy something from Andrea and earn 10! extra entries
*Blog about this and earn 5 extra entries
*Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about this giveaway
Contest ends Febuary 18 with winner announced next "Review it Thursday."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...or not so wordless

I found my camera cord lastnight, but haven't had the chance to get on and blog too much. Infact I'm headed to take a shower to walk out the door again! LOVELY! Errands, come and go! I'll be back later this evening to blog and show you our newest addition!!!

Just a few pictures to hold you over, Not the greatest but they'll work! The girls were having fun with the blanket creating static electricity on their hair!

For More WW go here!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Question for you my readers!!!

I need all you lurkers out there to come over and help me out! I know I just changed up my layout, and background, but I want to change it again. I'm thinking I need something pretty permanent, and I want to do that soon.

Here's where I want your opinion. I like the three column templates, but I like the picture size of the 2 column template! What would you like to see??

PLEASE Everyone comment and let me know which you prefer. I'm keeping comments open until tomorrow morning when I'll get pictures and such posted. Today it's not happening. I don't know what I did on our minication, but I'm in some serious pain, back, neck, head you name it!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Is what we're on. Unfortunatly I forgot my camera cord so no pictures! I'll be back Monday though. Have a wonderful weekend! I've got quite the pictures, and even a new baby to introduce you too!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Review It Thursday

This week's review is brought to you courtesy of Z Bear Diapers. I don't know how many of you know this, but I'm a Cloth Diaper Mama. We have been Cloth Diapering (CDing) for about a year now and I love it. I'm not as religious at it as I should be, but I wash at least a load of diapers once a week. Sometimes it's easier to use spoises (as we call disposables in our house), but more often than not its easier to cloth diaper.

I recently came across ZBearDiapers through a friend and have been in love ever since. I love their site and how informative they are with all of their products. Not only are they helpful, but they've got a DIRECT phone line that you can call them with your questions. Not some 800 number where you Press 1 if you love their products, Press 2 if you want to make a payment, or Press 3 if you just don't get it! And if you have a question and decide to call them, PLAN on talking to Stephanie for atleast 15 minutes. She's good, really good. She'll keep you on the phone until all your questions are answered, and if you forget one, you can call her back and she's right there!

So you say "But Amanda, I'm not a Cloth Diaper Mama, what does Z Bear Diapers have for me?" Okay so you're not into the whole Cloth Diaper thing, but are you a nursing mother? Have a little one with Colic? Or even want to take your little one swimming but want something more than a swimmy diaper that you just waste each and everytime you go swimming? Maybe you're pregnant, and you're thinking about cloth diapering.

Z Bear Diapers is a great site, and the best part is you're helping another mom do a job she loves, and that's be home with her kiddos. Anyone who purchases something from Stephanie at Z Bear Diapers, will recieve $5.00 off ANY order through Febuary 28, 2009 when you put 302093245 in the Discount Coupon space! AND if it doesn't get any better, you can also get FREE shipping good on any order through Febuary 28th, 2009 with coupon code : 102091765 .

Go on over check out Z Bear Diapers, come back and let me know what your favorite product is!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bottled Water for Sale

So where did you think I was standing the other day when I took the picture? A pretty stream, a pond or maybe you know my drive way!? So what if we've got a pond for a driveway.


We've lived here for almost 4 years now, and for almost 4 years now I've had a love hate relationship with our front drive. We've had plans each and every year to backfill it, and put white rock on top. Every year we've had a reason not to do it, and this year I'm sure it will be because it's for sale again.


It happens when it rains, when the snow melts, whenever we get precipitation, the puddle is there. And usually it takes it a while to go away.


And then there is this, which isn't my driveway at all, it's my sidewalk. Which now looks more like a river. I love that it's warming up, but when it freezes at night this is like a little skating rink!


When I asked Joel what we should do with all that water, he came up with the idea of bottling it up, and selling it. So here ya go, freshly melted, ice cold bottled water for the blog!

The Super Bowl

Any wife who has a husband in the house knows what lastnight was. You know that even if your husbands "team" wasn't in the Super Bowl, he'd be watching it. Or maybe you're the sporty one in your household, maybe you were the one who was jumping and screaming towards the end of the game. Yes, maybe YOU, but not ME!

You see I knew my husband would be watching the game, just like tons of men out there. So I knew I'd just make something I've been dying to make, but was waiting for the right time.

Spinach Artichoke Dip in Bread Bowls
(Okay so the I added Spinach!)


Yummy, fill bowls, and bake! Then ENJOY!!!


Oh, yeah and Congrats to the Steelers on winning the Super Bowl...not that I saw it, I was too busy blogging lastnight!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What a difference a week makes!

You see last week we were waiting on the snow to stop. We'd gotten about 6 inches and there was ALWAYS more talk of more. This week it's back in the low 40's and sometimes 50's! Not that I'm going to complain, I mean it is January Febuary.

So since it's so warm out I of course decided that I'd head out and take some pictures.


Where oh where am I? I'll give you one clue, it's within walking distance from my house!
Infact I could see this from where I was taking pictures!!!

It's late so I'll be back tomarrow with the answers! :)