Friday, February 26, 2010

So you’re just starting out….

When I was pregnant my mom told me about how her neighbor’s daughter was planning to cloth diaper her new baby, who was due just a few short weeks after us. I told my mom she must be crazy, and good luck to her. My mom informed me that these were the cutest little diapers and they used snaps and were waterproof. I still told my mom, well I hope she likes it, but it’s not for us!

After looking into the diapers she was planning on using and thought they were super cute, but really the poop factor just wasn’t wining me over anytime soon. Fast forward 6 months and here I was with a sweet little 6 month old, and a pocket book that is being crunched. I start looking even more. When my BFF decided she was going to buy a couple cloth diapers to try out. Being the follower that I am, I figured aw heck, why not! And to top it off, the store where I ordered them offered a 30 day money back guarantee. I figured if I didn’t like them I could get my money back no matter what!

After using them for a week, and getting so tired of not really getting the feel for them by only using two and then having to wash I decided to buy a whole starter pack. Still with the thinking if we don’t like them we can send them back. I’ve never looked back. Once I started using them full time, I didn’t even think about sending them back!


See Kaitlynn’s little fluffy bum. The last picture you can barely see it, but it’s there!

Looking back there are a lot of things I wish I’d done differently. So here’s a few pointers to you mom’s out there who are “newbies” to the whole Cloth Diapering experience!

*Don’t buy all the same brand of diapers when you start*
Just buy a couple. You may LOVE one brand now, but in two months when you find something new you’ll LOVE it too! Trust me on this one. Slowly build up your stash! One or two diapers at a time!

*Try different types of diapers to see what you like*
We’ve been an only pocket diaper family for 2 years now. That is until I found fitted love! I now prefer the fitteds at home and pockets for the road. I wish I’d branched out more to try all types of diapers! Because now if we get pregnant again, I’m not going to know which diapers to start with! :(

*Get in a wash routine from the start*
Even if you only have 5 diapers, get in a routine you like and stick with it. Yes you can have slack days here and there, but be sure to stay on top of it. It will cause you less headaches in the future. We were horrible about having a routine. I at one time had upwards of 20 diapers and thought it was okay to go through them all before washing! BIG mistake! We ended up with smell issues so bad where I was ready to quit diapering. Thankfully they were save-able with a little hard work on my part to get them back in tip top shape! We’re now on a STRICT (well okay sometimes I still miss a day, but not a week like before) routine of washing diapers every other day. No stink issues at all!

*Spend the extra money to buy “cloth diaper” detergent*
At first you’ll think, I can get by with just using less detergent of our current. But believe me don’t do that! Also don’t go to your local supermarket and buy one that is on the “list” of “safe” detergents! These so called “safe” detergents can leave soap in your diapers, thus adding to your buildup issues! If I can recommend one detergent…it’s Rockin Green!

*Buy snap diapers over aplix*
At first you may think that Velcro (known as aplix) diapers are easier. (I did) But in the long run if you feel you’ll be diapering more than one child or longer than a year it’s best to go with snaps. Velcro diapers have a tendency over time to curl and not stick. Leading to diapers that come undone which leads to even more messes! AND snap diapers are harder for little ones to get undone when they learn to strip off their clothes!

*Buy Local if possible*
If you’re the type of person who loves to play with things before buying, this is your best option. Not only will you get the support of a local mom/dad who is doing it in their house, but you’ll get all your questions answered at any time! You’ll grow a great bond with these people, and maybe even become best friends! Not to mention you’re supporting your local economy and Work-at-Home parents!

Last but not least……

*Don’t be afraid!*
Cloth diapering is easy peasy, lemon squeezie!

(I was not paid to advertise in any form, this is just my honest opinion!)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Londonware Winner!!!!!

Comment number 61 belongs to Jennifer. Jennifer is a new commenter to our giveaways!

Congratulations Jennifer! Please respond to my email within 48 hours!



I’m a bit under the weather right now. I wasn’t always the best about taking care of my teeth. I hated the dentist. To the point of getting physically sick every time I was supposed to go, even for a cleaning. Thankfully my mother-in-law told us about her dentist, and urged me to go there. 2 years later and I’m glad to report I’m  not scared to go anymore.

It just means I’ve been having quite a bit of work done on my teeth here recently. In the last month I’ve been to the dentist more times than I can count! This last week was the worst with a root canal on Tuesday, and then getting a wisdom tooth, and another tooth pulled yesterday. My teeth don’t hurt too bad, but my jaw is the worst. Seems my wisdom tooth didn’t want to come out of my mouth easily. And well being a person who doesn’t take my Tylenol or Ibuprofen for headaches, taking them every two hours is making my stomach upset.

So I think we’ll be taking a little break from Favorite Fluff Friday’s this week! :( Sorry, but I can’t wait for the next review! It’s coming to you from a local mommy, and I’m super excited to work with her!!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I’m so behind on blogging on our cattle blog that I fear I’ll never catch up! But if I do….here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come! :)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

I’ve seen these around, mainly my favorite Photo Blogs, but I thought it would be fun for me to share my 10 random thoughts for today! :)

1. I really should be sleeping right now. It’s 6:19am and I’ve been up since around 4am. You see we (I) picked up a local paper route to help bring in some extra $$ so we could do more fun things every month. But it kicks my butt. If I don’t stay awake, I can’t get up when I need to. If I stay awake, I’m exhausted at the end of the day. Oh well I guess I’ll live! ;-D

2. I was in a car accident on Thursday. The girls were with me, and we were in the big city. I never go to the big city. EVER. Except to go to the Airport to pick up friends/family. Why was I in the big city? I’ll explain that in a bit. But long story short, I’d been lost for 2 hours, and was just trying to get home. I was distracted by my cell phone and trying to get a hold of Joel when I didn’t see a red light until it was too late. I tried to stop, but couldn’t quite get stopped in time. Thankfully everyone is okay, and there was only minimal damage to both vehicles. I ended up with a ticket, which I fully deserved, but we’re okay! The only thing that stinks, this is my first ticket ever! :(

3. Recently we got Kaitlynn a new car seat. She was just getting too tall for her other seat and I was afraid that if we ever got in an accident it wouldn’t be good for her to be too tall. After much research we decided to go with the Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat . And of course I decided I’d let her pick which color she wanted. I figured she’s going to be in this car seat for YEARS to come, so why not let her choose. She choose the Miley print, and I was able to order it online at an awesome price, with FREE shipping!!


4. After my sister’s accident two weeks ago, I got thinking that it really wasn’t safe to have MacKenzie in a booster seat anymore. She’s such a PIA when it comes to staying buckled and sitting up correctly in the car. When the Nautilus first came out I’d contemplated buying one for her and putting her back in a 5 point harness. But we didn’t exactly have the $180 to spend on a car seat when she already had one that worked. Fast forward a year, Lindsey’s accident, and seeing her sleep in her booster seat all slumped over I decided she needed a 5 pt harness.

5. Babies R Us was having this HUGE trade in event, where you could take in your old baby gear and get a 25% off coupon for like baby gear. I figured this would be the best way to get MacKenzie a 5 pt harness without spending TONS of extra money. So off I went to our local Toys R Us in the small big city. Of course they don’t have the one car seat I wanted to buy. After checking to see if they had any in the ware house and finding out they weren’t getting any in, I was told they had 9 of them in the BIG city. If I wanted to be able to use my coupon I had to go get it from Omaha. So off we went. Got lost. Found Babies R Us. Installed her car seat right there in their parking lot. Headed home. Got lost. Was distracted. Got in an accident. Detained an hour. Got home in the dark.

6. Going to end up spending more $$ than what I saved by going to get that stupid car seat. But the car seat did it’s job, and both my girls were safe.

7. After the accident….we now have to buy them new car seats! :(

8. Today I’m going to the dentist to have a root canal done, and tomorrow I get to go have my wisdom teeth pulled. Fun fun. I’m not looking forward to the rest of the week! Today can go as slow as it wants until 3:30, then it better speed up!

9. I really should go wake Dahrran up. It’s now 6:42am and he needs to get dressed, eat and on the bus in about an hour. We’ve got time right??

10. My alarm just went off….you know in case I decided I wanted to go back to sleep.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Empty Feeling

Have you ever had an empty feeling inside. You can’t quite explain it, but it’s there. Your life is perfect in every way possible. There is a roof over your head, shoes on your feet, food on your table, and a warm bed to crawl into. If you’re lucky there is the pitter patter of little feet and someone who loves you unconditionally.

I’ve got all those things. Things aren’t always perfect, but compared to some peoples lives I’m a millionaire. Who knows, maybe it’s just the events of the past couple months and wanting another baby. Joel and I have talked, and decided that if Kaitlynn was our last that’s okay with us. We saw ourselves having a big family, but right now it’s obviously not in god’s plan. I’m okay with that decision. But at the same time, I’ve got this empty feeling eating me away.

Please just pray that I can find something constructive to fill it with!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kaitlynn’s first haircut

When Dahrran was little his first hair cut came shortly after his 1st birthday. With MacKenzie we didn’t have much of a choice, hers came when she was around 3 because we had to fix her cut job! I’ve been holding out with Kaitlynn’s hoping her hair would just magically grow.

That wasn’t the case. Unfortunately it didn’t grow and it was starting to look scraggly. You couldn’t do much with her hair except put it up in a hair pony. It was getting to the point where we would have to fight her to get anything done with her hair. One day I just decided I was going to take her in.

Here are the before shots. You can see how it was just a pain to do anything with.


My cousin is our beautician, and the girls just LOVE going to see Nicki. I love going too, because it means we get to catch up.

She sat so still, and did really well. She climbed right up in the chair.DSC00127


I wish I could’ve got one of her face. She had the biggest grin!


The quality of these isn’t the greatest but you can get the idea of how short it is now. It’s so much easier to manage, and best of all she lets me do whatever I want with it. Which usually just consists of a side pony or clippie.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Favorite Fluff Friday – Londonware Review & Giveaway


Do you love to buy homemade goods from your local markets and stores? Then you’ll love Etsy. Etsy is a place for makers of handmade goods to sell their creations. You can pretty much find whatever you’re looking for on Etsy.

Londonware is an Etsy shopped owned by the lovely Wendy. Wendy is a Stay-at-home-mom with a passion for sewing. She’s been sewing since she was 5 when her grandmother started teaching her how. Wendy has a love for all things she sews, and you will see it in her work.

“ I love taking fabric and making something cute and usable out of it. My grandmother always said when you make something with love it turns out great. So you will find each one of my items made with love and care.”

Londonware is the place you can find all things fleece as well as pheasant dresses, boo boo packs, and reusable snack bags. Wendy even added something new JUST YESTERDAY!!!! A Fleece Skirtie Diaper Cover! These are too adorable!

Fleece is a great option to a cover to your fitted diapers because it is SUPER cute and you won’t feel so bad about covering up those cute prints. You may think well but won’t it leak? Fleece make a great diaper cover because they’re durable, soft and most of all breathable. Flees pulls moisture away from your baby keeping their skin nice and dry. Best of all they’re machine washable you can toss them in with your diapers and they don’t need any prepping or monthly treatments.


I was super excited when Wendy agreed to send us a fleece diaper cover. I couldn’t wait to get it in the mail. We didn’t have to wait long because just a couple days after Wendy telling me she was going to send us one, it was here!!!

We’ve never tried Fleece Covers before but have had wonderful success with Fleece Longies so I was excited to try it out. The Fleece Longies we have are easy for Kaitlynn to get off, and as a 2 1/2 year old she is always taking her clothes off! I was so glad this was such a great fit for Kaitlynn, she can get it off but not as easily as her pants!

Wendy’s Fleece Diaper Covers are great because not only are they cute, but they’re absorbent as well. They’ve got a sewn in soaker that helps aid in absorption. Soon we will be in the potty training stage of our Cloth Diaper experience and I can’t wait to use it then as well. They’ll work as the perfect “plastic" cover. You see we won’t need those yucky plastic covers!!!!

Londonware's fleece diaper covers are available in sizes small, medium, large for only $5 (plus s&h),
extra large for only $6 (plus s&h).

****Buy a dress this month and get free shipping in the U.S. and Canada.******

WIN IT!!!!!
Londonware is offering one lucky ready a fleece diaper cover in their choice of size and fabric.

Mandatory Entry:
Go on over to Londonware’s Etsy Store and let us know what item is your favorite.

Please be sure to leave your email address if it isn’t in your profile.
(If there is no way to contact you, I will have to draw a different winner!)

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Good luck!!!!
Oh….and I’ll be letting a few lucky random comment’s will get extra entries!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Favorite Fluff Friday Winner – Rockin’ Green Soap

Winner, Winner, Chicken Diner……


Who is lucky Number 74???


Congratulations Sara!!!! You’ve got a beautiful little boy!!!! Go ahead and check her out!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I’m sorry I’ve been such a slacker! Seems I’ve been that way all my life! My house is never perfect, my clothes aren’t always clean and the ones that are surely aren’t folded. My kids don’t get regular baths, and well sometimes I don’t either. Guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry I tried to be better! But my house is getting cleaner, and I am getting better there. A mom can only do so much before she feels overwhelmed.

I have TONS of pictures to post and plenty of blog posts to write, so I figured this past weekend would’ve been the perfect time. Until I got a call from my dad. It was a call I’ll never forget. He proceeded to tell me that my baby sister was in a car accident. He didn’t know many of the details he just knew she was really shook up and from the sounds of it they’d collided head on.

As him and I headed into Lincoln I was able to get more details of where she was at, and where her car was at. She had been transported to the hospital, and the other driver hadn’t. When I called the hospital they informed us they’d taken her in for some scans but that was all they could tell us until we go there.

When we arrived at the hospital we were informed that she was in a room and so we headed to see her. That was the longest hall ever! When someone you love is at the end of it, and you have no idea what type of condition they are in is scary! Thankfully she was laying in the hospital bed in a gown and was okay as far as we could tell.

It shook her up pretty bad. She was on her lunch break and headed back to work when she went to turn on the main road. She had a green light, and the other driver said he also had a green light (couldn’t be possible). The other driver then hit her passenger side front. She was hit pretty hard. From the looks of the scene the other driver didn’t even slow down at all. Her spare tire that was in her trunk ended on the floor board behind the driver side seat.

Thankfully she only ended up with bumps and bruises out of the ordeal. A sprained ankle, bruises and large bump on her knee. But she wasn’t in much shape to get around by herself. Thankfully we didn’t have much going on and so I offered to let her stay with us and then bring her home tomorrow.

So that’s part of the reason I haven’t been blogging much. Actually I’d just posted the Favorite Fluff Friday post when I got the call!

To top it all off, my other sister and step sister got in a car accident last night with a couple friends. Thankfully theirs wasn’t too serious but they still ended up with whiplash & mild concussions. At that rate I’m not really wanting to drive anywhere anytime soon…..too bad Lindsey and I both have Dentist appointments tomorrow!! :(

Friday, February 12, 2010

Favorite Fluff Friday – Rockin’ Green Cloth Diaper Detergent

Welcome to week 3 of Favorite Fluff Friday’s!

This week we’re featuring Rockin’ Green Soap.


Are you sick and tired of battling with stinky diapers?
Do you worry about the chemicals you are putting on your children’s clothes?

Rockin’ Green Soap is the laundry soap for you. It comes in 2 rockin’ formulas and lots of fun scents, with new ones coming out soon! It’s made of safe, phosphate free ingredients, which are good for the planet, as well as good for kids and adults. Best of all, it’s totally safe for cloth diapers, so you don’t have to worry about repelling & stinkies.

You all know how hard it is to get rid of stinkies. If you have ever had to strip your diapers the old fashioned way, of putting Dawn Dish Soap on them & scrubbing, you know how much work this can be. What if I told you, you can put your diapers in the wash with 3 Tablespoons of Rockin’ Green Soap, leave them sitting over night, wash, and viola all stinkies and repelling issues are gone!

Got hard water?

Rockin’ Green Soap can handle it! This stuff was designed to bust through the minerals and grime and leave you with clean smelling, sparkly diapers and clothes! Without the need for all those extra boosters and add-ons that you are used to using. Just a few tablespoons and you are on your way to clean diapers and clothing.

Make Cloth Diaper Laundry Fun again!!!

Rockin’ Green is a clean rinsing formula, so many people find they can eliminate extra rinses from the end of their wash routine. Which saves time and money!! I am one of those people. It used to take me all day to do a load of diapers. DH hated diaper laundry day. He wouldn’t ever know what phase of the wash I was in. I did 2 extra rinses to get all the soap bubbles out. With Rockin’ Green Soap I now only do the recommended Cold wash, Hot Wash (with soap) and then Hot Rinse. With my old washer it takes me an hour tops to get cloth diapers ready for the dryer! In a few short hours I can have my cloth diapers washed, dried, folded and put away where before it would take all day to get them washed!

Rockin’ Green makes the diaper laundry FUN again!

Don’t believe it really rinses that clean? Just watch! I love this video!!

There you have it! My review of Rockin’ Green Soap. I love this stuff, and I love the fact that it washes clean. My diapers come out smelling clean, not like a scented soapy clean, just clean!

Kim has graciously offered up a 45/90 load bag of Rockin’ Green Soap in your choice of Scent!!

Mandatory Entry:
Go to Rockin’ Green’s website and come back and tell me one thing you learned about Rockin' Green Soap that I didn’t mention here, also add in the scent you’d like to try out!

Extra Entries:
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*Follow my Blog
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*Tell me one thing no one knows about you from reading your blog

If you got in on yesterdays post go ahead and comment your 5 extra entries.

Contest Ends February 18th at 10am CST

*Disclaimer I was provided a sample of Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent to review as part of this post.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

And the winner is: Smarti Pants

The winner of this weeks Favorite Fluff Friday & the Smarti Pants Diaper is:


Comment number 78. Meet Angie, she is a new blogger and mommy to two sweet little girls!!


Congratulations Angie!!!!


Are you ready for tomorrow’s Favorite Fluff Friday?? Want a chance to get 5 extra entries?

Find the answer to this question, comment here with the answer, and if you get it right I’ll award them tomorrow!
But you must have them in tonight!

How much was the bid to paint our whole house?

Look in September 2008

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did you ?

…notice the new look?!?!?

What do you think?

Personally, I’m in LOVE with it. You see I’ve wanted a layout like this FOUR-EV-ER!! The picture header, oh the header. You see those are a few of my favorite pictures, but I couldn’t get the one of our family edited right.

I’ve done a lot of my own blog work in the past. Changing headers, creating backgrounds, changing the layout, but nothing like this. Nothing like a total makeover. When I stripped my blog down I begged and pleaded for someone to just take care of it. Take care of it, so I could focus on taking care of myself.

I wanted a fresh start.

Enter a friend I met through blogging. A friend who amazingly enough lives just 30 minutes from me. A friend who has two sweet little kiddos, one of which shares MacKenzie’s name. A friend who has been through a lot in the past year. I wish I could've helped more, but thankfully that doesn’t bother her. She’s great like that. Even though I couldn’t help her, she swooped in to help me!

Meet Jenny


Did I mention that she’s super sweet…okay so I didn’t but you guessed it, right?!?

Any who Jenny swooped in and offered to change things up around here for me! Jenny & her husband Greg have started a new business creating and installing Flash Headers. (you know like what’s up there at the top of my blog)

Jenny & Greg Designs

Jenny was great. She took what I gave her…which believe me wasn’t much, because I didn’t know what I wanted…and turned it into beautiful, creative and awesome! I love the new look!!! Jenny sent me previews, and would change whatever I needed. Even after changing my mind a few times she still changed it up! Jenny is so great to work with.
Go on, now. . . I said go. . .Really go!!!
And if you’re all still sitting around here, I suppose you’re all wondering how my appointment went on Monday. I’m sorry I haven’t posted sooner, but I decided yesterday to go get groceries, and it was a last minute decision.
The appointment went well. The ultra sound showed nothing abnormal, and no little bean either. The doctor isn’t sure what was going on but decided it would be best for me to go on Provera (a hormone pill) for about 10 days. We’re hoping that will work. If it doesn’t he is talking of putting me on birth control.
Now, not that I have a problem with birth control because I’ve been on it before. But Joel and I are getting more in tune with our Faith, and had decided before we got pg that we would be using Natural Family Planning as our birth control from now on. It is a decision we should’ve made after we had Kaitlynn, but with everything that happened we just wanted to get through that all without having to worry.

So please say a little prayer that this works. If it doesn’t I will be looking into a Natural Family Planning physician and see if he has any suggestions. I love my doctor, but I don’t want to be forced to go on Birth Control and that’s where he was headed. Right now our Faith is more important.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My thought bubble

I’m just going to pop it. Today was a long day. Yesterday was a long day. And to think it’s Sunday and tomorrow is Monday. Honestly I cannot believe tomorrow is Monday.

Today, well that wasn’t supposed to be much of anything. Just a bridal fair to attend with my step-sister who is getting married in July. I’m her personal attendant/wedding planner (self appointed title. I want to make her day as easy as possible). On my way home last night I even stopped at the store and bought cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk for a big/family breakfast this morning.

When I woke up to the phone ringing at 7:15 am, I should’ve just known the day wasn’t going go as planned. Joel had been out since around 6am and so I figured it was him but I wasn’t expecting my dad. What came out of his mouth next made me want to go back to sleep and quit dreaming. He informed me that Joel needed me to call our veterinarian. If you’ve been reading my blog long, you know we have cattle. Seems one of my dad’s first calf heifers (first time mama) had a massive calf and there was nothing Joel could do to get it out. Fast forward an hour later and we’re preparing the cow for a c-section.

Fast forward another  2 hours and we’re on our way home and just about 20 miles from home. What happened next? Yup, you guessed it ladies and gents. We blew a flipping tire on the trailer….and did we have a spare/jack/everything you need to change a tire? Nope. (well technically we had a tire but it wasn’t a good one) The guys left in such a hurry trying to save mama and baby that we didn’t throw the jack and good tire in the truck.

It has been a long day to say the least! I was more than ready to just relax, but remember we had the bridal fair. Thankfully all went as planned there!

But tomorrow will be another long day. It’s been 7 weeks 2 days since our (my) miscarriage. I’m still bleeding. (sorry if TMI) This sucks! I’m done. Really. If you follow me on twitter, you would know that 3 weeks ago I went in to the doctor for depression/anxiety attacks and talked about it with him then. We did an ultrasound that day and everything looked okay. He figured it would be over then. Well um, nope. So I go back tomorrow for another ultrasound and appointment with the doc. Say a little prayer that all goes well, and we can figure out what’s wrong?!?! Cause if I’m not low on iron it would surprise me!

Good night…….from my little though bubble

Friday, February 5, 2010

Favorite Fluff Fridays – Smarti Pants - CLOSED

Cloth Diapers are great not only great for the environment, but they are great on your pocketbook as well, which is why made the switch! Another reason we love cloth diapers?? They're WAY too cute to just pass up! But I know what you're thinking, yucky poopy diapers, and washing them, just not for me.

I was the same way. I loved my diapers but really didn't like the whole washing process. You see we use mainly One Size Pocket Diapers at our house, and taking the inserts out sometimes is a chore. A rather yucky chore if you ask me or maybe you should ask Jessica, the brain behind Smarti Pants. Not only is she smart, but she's sweet as well!

Smarti Pants diapers are the first diapers with a Patented "Smart Sleeve." What makes this so special versus other diaper you may ask? Well remember my least favorite task when it comes to cloth diapering, (taking out those inserts)? The patented "Smart Sleeve" makes that chore no more! All you do after taking the diaper off your baby is throw it in your wet bag and walk away, the insert comes out in the wash!

So you've thought about cloth diapering but can't take the big leap because of financial reasons, LOOK INTO THIS DIAPER!!!! This is the cheapest One Size diaper on the market! Right now they are currently selling on the Smarti Pants website for $14.95 with insert, or for an even sweeter deal go for the 3 pack with 3 inserts for $39.95! Awesome! I'm sure you're thinking well if they're that cheap then they're cheaply made. Not the case! These diapers are just as durable as many of my more expensive diapers, and have the same high quality features I love! Give them a try hands down, you won't waste your money.
Do you have a heavy wetter? Or need an overnight diaper? Kaitlynn has started recently being a heavy wetter over nights, and so we’ve been reaching for the Smarti Pants diaper because it’s so easy to stuff with the extra insert! Yes the diaper only comes with one insert, but you can buy a 10 pack of inserts for $19.95. Not a bad deal at all!!! Heck even if I didn’t own Smarti Pants I’d buy them just to have extra microfiber inserts for all my other diapers!!!

Smarti Pants diapers are GREAT on Kaitlynn because of the adjustable snaps. You can't really tell it in this picture, but they also overlap on one side in case your little one is teeny tiny like Kaitlynn. We've had issues with snap diapers not fitting right because you can't overlap the snaps, but I'm loving the snaps on this diaper for the overlap feature. Overall I'm giving this diaper a 10! We love it and go to it as soon as it's clean! These are also the diapers that I put on Kaitlynn when I KNOW DH will be home, or she hasn’t had a poo all day long. I know they will be super easy to deal with when she poos and DH doesn’t have to mess with it!!
Want to win one?? Jessica has been awesome and has offered up a Smarti Pants Diaper in your choice of color!
Mandatory Entry: Go to Smarti Pants website and let me know what color you would choose. This entry needs to be done before all other entries or they will be voided.
Extra Entries: You must leave a comment for every extra entry
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

And the winner is: Fuzzi Bunz Diaper

The winner of this weeks Favorite Fluff Friday featuring Fuzzi Bunz diapers is:

Which was a comment by Andrea, go check out her cute kiddos!!!



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Monday, February 1, 2010

Entertaining Life

Sometimes life gets ahead of you, and other times you get ahead of life. I have days when I feel like I’m doing them both. This post is going to be quite random because my mind is all over the place. See I can’t even wrap my mind around what’s going on through it long enough to type a sentence that makes grammatical sense. So here just goes my thought bubble.

The medicine the doctor prescribed me for my depressing/anxiety attacks sits in my medicine cabinet. I haven’t taken it in about a week. I was feeling so good, and the medicine was making me feel all jittery, one day I forgot to take them. By the time I realized it I figured I’d take it at supper time. Of course I forgot later as well. Seems like it’s gone on like that since last week. The sucky thing? I needed them, and still do. The reason I was in a cleaning mood and getting things accomplished? The pills. My house hasn’t been quite as clean since I quit taking them. I just need to start them again, but not sure how/when/why. I know this is due to the depression as well. Maybe today.

My grandma is in the nursing home. My dad’s mom, my grandma who lives less than a mile from here. The one who I grew up with. She’s not doing well. She’s been in the nursing home since the day before we found out about loosing the baby. It was only supposed to be temporary. She got sick, and they sent her home from the hospital before they should’ve. She wasn’t strong enough to get around her house. So grandpa and I took her in to the hospital again trying to get her re-admitted. The instead put her in the nursing home, short term. She was supposed to be home by now. She was supposed to be home before Christmas. Another thing, we haven't told her about the miscarriage yet. We were afraid at first that it would set her progress back and then she wouldn't get to come home. Now I want to tell her. I know I shouldn't tell her when she is frail, but I need her to know. I need her to hold my baby, our baby, her great grand baby, the one she was so excited about. What would you do?

She quit breathing this morning. When grandpa admitted her, he signed a DNR. They had her in the lift when this happened so they went to lay her back in bed. She started breathing. THANK GOD. But she hasn’t been eating well, and there was a mass on her liver which they drained on Friday. Things just don’t look good. Please if you’re the praying type say a little prayer that God helps her find peace in the life she chooses to live from now on out.

****UPDATED**** As of 2:16 (while I was writing this post) my dad called to inform me they were going to admit her to the hospital. She is now refusing to eat, take medications, and isn’t doing too well. The kids and I are going to go see her after Dahrran gets home from school. These are a few pictures of her and Kaitlynn back from August. The last time we went out to get Grapes & Cookies. They always have grapes and cookies for the kids, and usually grandpa brings them to us. This day we went out there. Grandma usually has her wig on but we sometimes catch her without it. I think Kaitlynn looks JUST like grandma in every way. She has her hands, personality facial features you name it!

DSC08117 DSC08119 DSC08123