Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Kaitlynn Elizabeth

Kaitlynn’s Birthday was the 25th of August. My mom was able to be here for her birthday which was pretty neat considering mom was here when Kaitlynn was born as well. We only usually do a big party for the kids’ 1st birthdays, and then do a small grandparents party every birthday after that.

Kaitlynn couldn’t decide what she wanted on her cake, but she didn’t seem to care either way. The girl “toad”ally loves frogs/toads, and so I figured why not.  Aunt Bridget was even cool enough to get her Frog pj’s, a Frog Book, and a stuffed Frog!

DSC08315DSC08308  DSC08316 DSC08319 DSC08409 DSC08411 DSC08412 DSC08413

Monday, September 7, 2009

First Days of School

The first day of school seemed earlier this year, but in fact it was  few days later than normal. Maybe it’s because summer seemed to fly by with my “new” schedule. Dahrran was ready to be a first grader, but wasn’t too excited about his teacher. She is a new teacher, and he’d had the other teacher all through summer school. After the first day he was fine with her, and he hasn’t said a word about not having the other teacher since.


He didn’t want to take First day pictures, but then I told him we could do them on his bike if he gave me ONE good smile. I ended up taking 5 pictures, but I got my one.

DSC08264  DSC08263 DSC08267 

Being as we missed the first day of school due to my grandpa’s funeral I had to do the whole “first day pictures” thing on the “second” day of school. The other kids at the bus stop gave me some dirty looks, but oh well!

DSC08272DSC08276 DSC08277


Next up on the blog list, Kaitlynn’s Birthday!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Gatherings

About three weeks ago I was getting ready to go back to work when I got the call. My sister had heard from my aunt who lives closest to my grandpa. He had passed away. It was quite the shock considering he wasn’t “sick” at all. Grandpa had been living in the nursing home battling a disabling disease called Althzimers. It’s a nasty disease, and I hope that I don’t have to put my own family through it.

After we got over the initial shock of it all, it was time to make plans. My mom was scheduled to fly out the next day and be here late at night, the funeral was the next day. With funerals usually come tears, but also come joys of family gatherings. Just thought I’d share a few pictures we took that day. It was a beautiful day, and I know Grandpa would’ve enjoyed it!


Deb, Mark, Mom, Gene, Tina   

Had to get a silly one!


Deb, Mark, Mom, Gene, Tina, and Grandma Chapman


My aunt Tina and her family (-2 grandkids)


Grandma and us


Grandma with all of the grand kids
(-2 who choose not to be part of the family)

We added in all the Great Grandchildren. We were missing my cousin Donny’s two kiddos.
And then missing my cousins, who doesn’t speak to us, two kids.
So total there are 11 Grandchildren and 8 (+1) Great-Grandchildren.

DSC08233 DSC08234

Here my mom is telling MacKenzie about her middle name. She is the 3rd in a line of Wylene’s who started with my great aunt Jimmy. So it’s my Great Aunt, Mom and MacKenzie Wylene.

DSC08235 DSC08237

Girls 3 generation picture. Then a 4 Generation picture with all the kids. We did get one of just the girls with mom and grandma, but thought I’d show you the one with all the kiddos.


Uncle Mark and his girl Kaitlynn. Don’t let this girl fool you, she was a fool for him. Would give him kisses, and everything but wouldn’t go to another soul.


Last but not least. My sister Bridget, Mom, Me and my baby sister Lindsey.