Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ode to: The Dairy Wife

So this is an ode to you, Oh Dairy Wife. Not only to you but to my MIL also!
I don't think I could do
what you do every day.
The children,
the chores
they all have their way.
I'd go crazy I say
if I had to do it all day.
Okay so not really the greatest poem, but then again no one said I was a writter! What brings me to TRY and write poems? The family farm....dairy farm that is. I wrote about the storms, but that was before yesterday. Before I knew that my inlaws "got a g*d d*mn mess down here" (quoting FIL). They'd gotten hit with the storms also and ended up loosing a hay shed that decided it was best put on the Feeding shed, which caused quite a bit of damage to that shed also! Yesterday morning we headed down there to help the clean up process. By the time the kids and I arrived the menly men had gotten the Hay shed off the Feed shed and were starting to take it apart. I think they saved a total of 10 pieces of tin, the rest ended up on a flat bed headed to the local place that takes scrap metal. They were able to salvage a few 2 x 4's to help fix the Feed shed.
We were able to get it pretty much cleaned up lastnight, and it was a late night getting home. Joel's mom and dad had a wedding to go to today, so Joel was feeding. With grandma gone, it left 31 baby holstiens hungry and needing to be fed. Along with the kids that were there and Joel's two sisters, we got them done. But I have to say I don't know how MIL does it alone!!! I had at least 22 hands helping me, and I'm super sore tonight! So here's to you The Dairy Wife, and to MIL!! How you do it, and keep your sanity? You both have your hands full, and have raised more kids than I have, and I'm about ready to loose my mind some days!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What do you do with a rainy day?

We make MONSTER COOKIES!!! Yummy. With rainy weather we ususally make some sort of cookies, and a few weeks back we got to make Monster cookies! The kids loved doing it, but didn't get the concept that we wern't putting Monsters in it, and there weren't Monsters coming to eat them! But my little monsters LOVED them! :)

You also head out to Grandpa's (my dad's) house to check cows before the BIG storms come in! Which is just what we were headed to do, it was lightning and thundering, and the kids couldn't help watching for the "thunders". Which is just what we did tonight before the big storm, tornados and all!

(okay mom I know what you're thinking....why aren't those kids buckled!?!? They usually are when we go to dad's but yeah right they were too into looking at the storms!!!!!!!! It's about 5 miles round trip from our house to dad's!)

And what do you find when you come back from helping your grandparents get to the basement??? This is what I found!

They were sitting under the stairs, taking shelter from the Tornados that came through the state! It was a scary time, but everyone is okay, and we didn't get much but a bunch of rain, and some pea sized hail!

And then there is Dahrran aka MR WEATHER MAN! He loved looking at the radar on the computer, and kept saying "it's okay, we're okay". MacKenzie on the other hand kept asking where Texas still wants to go back to the Ocean!)..we'll get there before you know it!
Now that you've seen what we do with our rainy days, what do you do with yours?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Awesome Store, with Awesome Signs!!!!

So I really love the old painted signs and homemade things made from Barnwood. I call it country wood working, but come to find out it's called Primitave work! I never knew there was a style for it. I've been comming along it piece by piece through friends and family when I came across this. I love all of her work, and best of all she's from Nebraska, just like me! So hopefully I'll find her at a craft show soon......but until then I have to go here. Check her out, and see the cute things she's got for sale!!!!!

*****THANKS SO MUCH Ashley!!!! I get it, I don't know why I didn't think of doing it that way, I could always get the links in, but didn't even think of doing it that way!!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Here it is, finally I know!

Here is the slideshow of the pics! I know, I know, it's taken me a while.....but if you haven't noticed, I've changed our blog title. Well because that's what it feels like anymore! Summer has shown it's face, and our house has got pushed to the back. I'm lucky if I can walk through the living room and NOT step on something other than the carpet! I know what you're thinking, just get off your butt quit blogging, and get it cleaned. Because that's just what every mom of three wants to do when the babes are in bed, and the house is quiet, and I can finally catch up on Jon & Kate plus 8. I just don't know how she does it!!!! Then again, I know there is a LOT they don't show, and I'd almost bet that woman has help! There is NO way you can have a house that clean with children of that age.

Anywho enough with the rambelings, and here are the pics from our trip!!! The slide show is a bit long, but if you really want to see the pics from our trip you'll be willing to wait through it! :) Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My turn!

So I'm not so sure how this works, but I'll give it my all! I've been tagged by Sky @ I have to list 10 wierd/random facts about me! Here it goes!

1. I can never, I mean never sneeze just once!

2. Some days I stay in my Pj's just because they're comfy....and I let the kids stay in theirs too!

3. My kids don't get baths on a regular basis, I know, I know....but they do get baths when they're getting dirty, or I realize it's been a couple days!

4. I love nothing more than to sit on the front porch with a glass of water and a quiet breeze.

5. When it's nice outside, and there is housework to do....I'd rather find something, ANYTHING, to do outside so I don't have to be stuck in the house. (might explain why my house looks like a tornado went through)

6. I'm always behind on professional pictures, infact I love taking my own....but just never get them blown up on time!

7. If you find a glass of water half gone, then it's probably mine. I always have a glass sitting around somewhere!

8. I can't ever just fall asleep. I usually lay there for at least 20 minutes, thinking about everything I need to do, and that I should just get up and do it.

9. I got sunburned this weekend, as did Dahrran......but Daddy got it even worse!

10. This was harder than it looks and probably took me at least 20 minutes to fill out!!!

My turn to tag:

Friday, May 9, 2008

Home, sweet home.....

We've made it home, after a long drive we got in around 5 am on Thursday morning. I was tired, and slept part of the day yesterday, but lastnight was to bed as normal. The kids did great on the trip home, and watched movies most of the way. Dahrran would sleep for a few hours, and then watch movies, while MacKenzie watched movies, and then slept most of the way home. Kaitlynn did wonderful, AFTER we took her helmet off. She wanted nothing to do with it when we were driving.

The appointments went well. When we got to the Hanger to get her helmet, we found out that the UPS guy had just gotten there with the helmets shortly before I arrived. The 8 am appointment was still sitting in the waiting room when I walked in. But they shortly got us all in, and by 11:30 we were out of there and headed back to the motel to get the kids and Jess picked up and packed up.

We then headed to the hospital for Kaitlynn's clinic appointment. That also went well, and fast! Dr. Jimenez said things looked good. You could tell he wasn't happy about the change, but he didn't seem mad at us, more at the Hanger for all the problems we had. He said her helmet looked good, and that it was putting pressure where it should be. He said this helmet should last us for quite a while, and that things were looking good. He did say that her soft spot was closing, but that it was normal because the sides wern't closed, and that's what needed to stay open for her head to keep reshaping! :)

Things are good, and the kids are just getting back into routiene, which has been difficult! Here is a slide show of our trip! Enjoy! :)

UGH, so minor difficulties has made the slide disapear, and of course it wasn't saved yet, so I'll upload them later! :(

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bit of disapointment .....

We just got back from the Hanger. It wasn't bad news, but it sure wasn't good news either. We were only up one percent, from 72% to 73%. It doesn't come as a shock but more of a disapointment because of the last time we were down, it'd changed almost 7%! They'd like to see it as close to 84% as possible. So needless to say we'll end up being in helmets about the full 18 months. Which is a bit of a let down considering I thought we'd only have to come down a couple more times, and now it looks like we'll be down another 4-5 times!

I didn't get to travel by myself, but MacKenzie was such a big helper I didn't mind! We're not doing much today, we're all a little tuckered out. So we'll hang out here, and if the sun decides to come out, we'll make our way to the pool!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The beach!

Even though it was cloudy today we decided to head to the beach! Corpus Christi here we come!!!!

The kids had a great time in the waves, but they were scared of them some. They were pretty strong, and at one point, I fell over with MacKenzie, and we couldn't get up. Was a scarry moment, but we're all okay.

Dahrran loved it the most. He is coming out of his shell more and more as time goes on. He went from being the kid who hated the water, to the one that loves it now. MacKenzie on the other hand is becoming scared of it! :(

Tomarrow we go to get Kaitlynn scanned for her helmet. And as far as I know I'm free and clear to go by myself!!! YAY! A little peace and quiet in the car!

When we drove down today to Corpus, it was about a 2 1/2 hour drive, and we decided to NOT put the DVD's back in the car, just because it was too much of a hassle to put them back in. So we had to listen to fighting, and screaming, and "FIRE IN THE HOLE!" (qoted by MacKenzie). It made me wonder why we brought them along! Then when we saw the ocean, and they had fun, it was all worth it, and they had such a good time!!!!

More tomarrow

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dahrran blogs!

NOTE: This is from Dahrran, he is quoting, to me, so you all have fun reading this one!!!!

Elephants, with a baby elephant. I like the giraffes, giraffes, flamingos and zebras. BIRDS! Um...a....let me think, LIONS. Ha ha ha, li li lions.Who are you giving this to?(in refrence to why I'm typing) This is strange, why do you want me to do it, Why can't MacKenzie do it, she can do it in the morning. um... KANGAROOS, um....eehh, giraffe, we already got giraffe. Um...ehh... let me think. Eagles, hum hum hum hum..... Turtles, fish, butterflies. We saw birds that pooped on MacKenzie. Um... let me think. . . ( this could take a while) I got a ELEPHANT at the zoo. WHOO HAA! Lions, wait a minute, FISH! Do we already have fish? (nope) Okay then add fish. Let me think. (do you want to tell them anything more about your day?) Let me think, we were feeding the birds, whoever you are talking to you can send it to them! Good bye everybody! ~Dahrran

We've made it to Texas!

Hello everyone, this is a quick note, since the kids are waiting, upstairs with Jess, to go to the Zoo. We decided to go to the San Antonio Zoo, because I didn't think they could handle riding in the car for long period for a few days!

The trip down was great, it started raining on our way down, and I thought to myself, if it rains like this the whole way, this will be the shits! But about 45 minutes from home, it stopped, and the sun came out and blessed us the whole way there! The kids did great, and the portable DVD's were a life saver! They watched movies most of the time, and then colored some of the rest of it. Just about out of Oklaholma we found a sign for a State park called .... Something.... Falls. ( can't remember the name right now! ) But it was a great park with waterfalls, a swimming area, camping, caves, and a playground area! Was awesome, and the kids had a blast; boy did it tire them out!!!!! We were there for about 2 hours, when they started to get tired, and so "on the road again" we went!

We made it into San Antonio about 10:45 or so, but didn't find our motel until almost 12! UGH, needless to say 410, and I10 got me confused again, and we got lost....but not lost because I knew where I was! I just couldn't find where I needed to be!!!!!!

It took the kids a little while to settle down, but after that everyone slept great, they've eatten breakfast, and are ready to go! So for another update later! Loves, Amanda, Jess and the kids!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Uppity danged heifers any who! I've been up since before the crack of dawn, all thanks to one o'le gal we call P85. She's our most prized cow, and most expensive so far. So when Joel called home lastnight to tell me he needed to AI her this morning, I though yay, an early morning, I'll help him, and then I'M GOING BACK TO BED!! Well it's 6am, and you guessed it ladies and gents, I'm still awake, didn't even go back to bed! I know I should, but when I know I have things to do around here it makes it hard to go to sleep. She was a great o'le gal though, and didn't cause much of a problem to run into the shoot. But she is a spunky girl too, the minute Joel let her out of the pen to put them back in the Heifer lot, she took off! She was squirly, and jumping around....mind you it was 4 in the morning! UPPITY HEIFERS!