Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baseball season is Over!

Dahrran had a great season playing baseball. He didn't always get to play, but he did have a great time, was a great team player and always supported his team. He had one great hit that won the game,(sadly I missed it) and even got a "game ball". Dahrran learned a lot, and has come a long ways from the beginning of the summer.


Dahrran's team was ranked 4th in the league when it came time to league tournaments. They played hard, and even came up against the #1 team. They even almost won that game but fell short by one point, which is pretty incredible considering this team had beaten everyone else by at least 10 points. They ended up playing the #2 team in the end of tournaments for 3/4th place, and came out to win 3rd place.

Overall they had a great team, and a great summer. But I can't say I'm sad to have our Monday and Wednesday nights back! Maybe I can get some actual blogging done!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Smarti Pants - WINNER

Thank you all for entering the Smarti Pants giveaway. This is going to be a quick post because I really need to get a shower taken...after helping Joel I'm pretty burnt and full of grass! :(

The WINNER of Smarti Pants diaper is.....drum roll please........

Comment number 33 :

Blogger danielle said...

zealandsmom and zealandsmom1 follow you on twitter

June 22, 2009 7:41 PM

Danielle please contact me in the next 48 hours with your info and what color you choose!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little fun for the weekend!

I found this around the blogosphere, and thought it looked fun! I don't usually do these type of things, but hey why not!

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Summer slowing down so I can enjoy it!
2. Selling our House
3. Abi - Physical Therapist comming to see Kaitlynn (she hasn't been here in a few months!)
4. Sweet Corn...YUM!
5. BETH COMES!!!!! (in less than 2 weeks!!!!)
6. Shampooing carpets (I know, but they're in bad shape)
7. Spending the weekend with Joel...even though he's not home! :(
8. Our 5 year wedding anniversary!

8 Things I did yesterday:
1. Went to the Bank
2. Went to wally mart
3. Ate a McDonalds Club Chicken sandwich yummm
4. Worked in the afternoon
5. Ate cereal for supper!
6. Went to work with Joel
7. Held a baby pig
8. Tucked my kids in bed!

8 Things I wish I could do:

1. (right now?) Take a nap!
2. Go visit my mom
3. Snap my fingers and things would go into their places!

8 Shows I watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Desprate Housewives
3. CSI Miami -used to watch regular until Greys' and CSI were at the same time..on dif. networks!
4. Brothers & Sisters
5. Ice Road Truckers...although the kids & Joel watch it more than me.

8 People I'm Tagging:
Everyone!!!!!! Come on have some fun, and let me know you played along!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Your Questions Answered!

First thank you to all of you participated in the "Ask us Anything" post! There wasn't much response from it as I'd hoped, but that's okay too! It just means I'm not going to be sitting here typing all night...like I'd feared!

*Husker* asked :"what month and day were you and your husband married"
We were married December 18, 2004. (5 years this year!!!!!)
We had set a wedding date for May 7, 2005 and then found out we were unexpectedly expecting on April 29, 2005. I wouldn't change that December day for anything though, it turned out to be a beautiful, warm day!!

Rhonda asked: "How many tv's & phones do you have in your house?"
We have 2 TV's & 3 Cordless phones, 2 cell phones.

Seeryus Mama asked: "What is your favorite book or author?"
I love to read, but don't have a favorite book or author...is that bad? My current obsession is the House of Night series by PC & Kristen Cast.

amanda asked: "What is your unique talent?"
um....talent, you mean I'm supposed to have one? I'm not sure I do, so I'll tell you something not many people know about me! I'm anal when it comes to sweeping the floors. Not so much that they have to be swept all the time, but when they do get swept I have to have EVERY last speck! (It's so bad that sometimes after Joel sweeps, I go back and do it again, only because I see one thing he missed! I promise that I don't do it unless we have company coming over, but I hate to admit it!)

Gayle asked:
You said you want to move to "the country". Isn't a 200 person town country?

LOL, yeah kind of, but not really!?! We live in a rural area, heck who am I kidding Nebraska is pretty much all rural, unless you live around the Lincoln/Omaha area. Our closest "big" town is about 20 miles away, and the most shopping there is there is a big fat Walmart, and the DINKIEST Walgreens ever! To actually have decent shopping you need to go about an hour away. (which we rarely do! :()

How many cattle do you have?
We have 4 cows, 4 calves, and 1 bull.

Do you slaughter or send them out or keep them?
Well we mainly keep them, unless geneticly they don't stack up. It just depends on what they look like come fall. If they look like they'll be a nice cow & have the genetics we want then we'll keep them, if not they go to the sale barn(where they'll probably end up as feeder calves). The bulls we try to sell at private auction if they've got good genetics...it's all in the genes! :)

Do you have a cattle farming website?
Darn, I've been caught. We have a blog that is supposed to be dedicated to our cows. Unfortunately, I haven't updated it in a coons age! I'm slacking, and Joel lets me know. But you see I'm not good with genetics, and so I would like for Joel to sit down with me to blog. Makes it hard to get it done when we're both tired at night! Maybe soon we'll get it together!

So there you go, hopefully you learned something about us!! Still want to get in on the action? Go ahead ask away, and we'll answer them up!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tiny Prints - Giveaway

When I first got asked to do this review, I wasn't quite sure about it. I mean we don't have anything big going on that we need prints for, and frankly I usually do them myself. All I had to do was take a look at their website to change my mind! They are more than just invitations, and birth announcements. They have Mommy Cards, Stationary, Address Labels, and so much more!

Tiny prints is an online retailer and are growing in leaps and bounds! As a result, tiny prints has created four new Facebook pages, each concentrating on a specific product area. Go on, check them out...I'll wait!

Eco-Friendly Cards

Business Stationery

Holiday Cards

Wedding Invitations

Now do you understand what I'm talking about! Their stuff is GORGEOUS! No matter what the occasion, there is something for everyone at tiny prints.

Here is just one of my MANY favorite things on their website. And no I'm not hinting at anything, I just really like this design!


tiny prints is generously offering a $50.00 gift certificate to one lucky reader.

How to Enter:

Become a fan of one or more of their Facebook pages (as listed above). Post a comment on the wall linking to your favourite tiny prints product or Wedding Paper Divas product.
Come back here and comment, telling me which page you are a fan of.


If you are not on Facebook, you can enter by visiting tiny prints, and choosing your favourite tiny prints card. Save it in your account on their site.
Return here and tell me in a comment that you have completed this step.

Mandatory entry must be complete in order to qualify for additional entries.


*Follow my Blog.
*Blog about this contest -(must link back, leave blog link)
*Follow me on twitter (leave twitter name)
*Tweet this contest (must include @amongthemess)

Contest will run through Friday July 10, 2009. Please leave your email address to be notified.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Smarti Pants - Giveaway - CLOSED

Cloth Diapers are great not only great for the environment, but they are great on your pocketbook as well, which is why made the switch! Another reason we love cloth diapers?? They're WAY too cute to just pass up! But I know what you're thinking, yucky poopy diapers, and washing them, just not for me.

I was the same way. I loved my diapers but really didn't like the whole washing process. You see we use mainly One Size Pocket Diapers at our house, and taking the inserts out sometimes is a chore. A rather yucky chore if you ask me or maybe you should ask Jessica, the brain behind Smarti Pants. Not only is she smart, but she's sweet as well!

Smarti Pants diapers are the first diapers with a Pantented "Smart Sleeve." What makes this so special verusus other diaper you may ask? Well remember my least favorite task when it comes to cloth diapering, (taking out those inserts)? The pantented "Smart Sleve" makes that chore no more! All you do after taking the diaper off your baby is throw it in your wet bag and walk away, the insert comes out in the wash!

So you've thought about cloth diapering but can't take the big leap because of financial reasons, LOOK INTO THIS DIAPER!!!! This is the cheapest One Size diaper on the market! Right now they are currently selling on the Smarti Pants website for $14.95 with two inserts, or for an even sweeter deal go for the 3 pack with 3 inserts for $36.95! Awesome! I'm sure you're thinking well if they're that cheap then they're cheaply made. Not the case! These diapers are just as durable as many of my more expensive diapers, and have the same high quality features I love! Give them a try hands down, you won't waste your money.


Smarti Pants diapers are GREAT on Kaitlynn because of the adjustable snaps. You can't really tell it in this picture, but they also overlap on one side in case your little one is teeny tiny like Kaitlynn. We've had issues with snap diapers not fitting right because you can't overlap the snaps, but I'm loving the snaps on this diaper for the overlap feature. Overall I'm giving this diaper a 10! We love it and go to it as soon as it's clean!

Smarti Pants was generous enough to offer
One lucky baby a new Smarti Pants Diaper!

All you have to do is, go to Smarti Pants' website, come back here and tell me what color you would choose to put on your little Smarti, and what you love about this diaper!

Want Extra Entries:
*Follow my Blog.
*Blog about this contest -(must link back, leave blog link)
*Follow me on twitter (leave twitter name)
*Tweet this contest (must include @amongthemess)
*Comment every day with your cloth diaper tip (1/day)

You must come back here and comment every time you do one of these, or they will not count. Contest will run through June 28th, 6:00PM Central Standard Time.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sometimes I'm a slacker

But not always! I promise! Ever since I figured out the new blog header I've been working diligently on a new background, buttons, and even another new header!

I've also been working on getting a few FUN reviews lined up! Along with lining up reviews, comes actual testing of things, and such is fun.

It also has been raining here. Almost non stop. For days. Seems like weeks. Okay so we've had a few breaks in the clouds, and a few peeks of sunshine. When it's June, and it feels like April, I'm not taking many pictures. Thus the lack in blog posting. I'm sorry my dear friends!

So I've decided since I don't have any fun pictures to post (although I'm sure I could find some if you ask hard enough!) I'd like to play a fun game! I want to know how many people we actually have following us on a daily basis!

What do you want to know about us (within reason)? We'd love to get to know you all a little better, and the same for us to you. So here's the deal. Leave one unique thing no one knows about you, and a question! I'll leave this post open for a week, and we'll go from there!

***there may be a small gift involved, to the one who gives us the most unique thing!***

Monday, June 8, 2009

Can I get a WHOOT WHOO!!!

I've been working on a few new things for the blog, which has included a LOT of learning!!! Unfortunately I'm not done learning yet, and will continue to improve! But I have to say I'm THRILLED that I got a new header finished...and it works! I'm not 100% satisfied, but for today tonight it will have to do! Hubs has already headed to bed, and I told him it would just be a few minutes!!!

I'm so excited I had to share! Cause frankly I needed something that I could actually get excited about instead of upset over. This is the kind of excitement I'll take any day!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A campfire with friends!

A week ago my dad called and asked if we would want to have a campfire and do weenies, and s'mores for supper! Sounded great to me, cause it meant I didn't have to cook!!!


We also got a call asking if we could watch some friend's of ours kids. Sure why not, the kids are about the same age and it makes fun for them!


We got out a blanket and let the kids just hang out while we waited on the fire to die down.


Everyone grab your buddy. My buddy ended up being my camera, and it was all I had to look out for!


My dad had the perfect log, and the kids loved eating their supper on it!


Kaitlynn had to help hold her weenie out too! This was her SECOND weenie, bun and all!


She was grandpa's girl!


Proof that she talks....she has just become very vocal in the last week!


The kids were even nice enough to share the log with Grandpa!


I know there aren't many pictures of Dahrran and MacKenzie, but I'm in this little bit of a rutt. You see when my sister graduated last month, I was in charge of doing her a scrap book. She is the youngest of 3, and it was tough to come up with pictures of her...just her. I have vowed that I will NOT end up like that, and have the 3rd child, no pictures, syndrom. I know parents get busy, and I don't blame my parents for it, but I've decided I'm going to make sure there are almost equal pictures of each of the kids. So what if they don't have a book to put them in, none of them are printed, and they're all on CD's in the safe. At least they've got picutres right?

On another note, I'm going to have something fun for all you lurkers out there!!!
Stay tuned...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh, woe the week it's been!

I wish I could say that this is an interesting post,
but...um, it's not.
I wish I could also put up a BUNCH of pictures for you,
but...they're still on my camera!
I wish I could say we've been so busy I haven't been home.
but, we haven't.

So, what have we been doing? Well Dahrran has been sick,
and the rest of us have kind of vegged out all week!

And tomorrow is SUPER busy!
Yup, baseball season is here!

Maybe Sunday, just maybe..
...then again there are all the things
I didn't do this week waiting for me!