Saturday, November 2, 2013

What a year it's been.

Sometimes time just flies, and you don't really realize it. Other times it seems to stand still. Sadly our poor little blog has been one of those things that has stood still. Life has moved on, and so many things have changed over the last year.

Home. Running. Raising Children. Cleaning up Messes. Running children to activities.

That's the short list.

The long list? Well, life was busy and I just didn't feel like I could keep up one more thing anymore. The silliest thing though, the transition from 3 kids to 4 kids has been by far the easiest I've ever had. I think it's been more of a, well I'm so busy running, and caring for 4 kids that sometimes I forget. Then it turned into Joel switching jobs and becoming a farmers wife.

When I last blogged, Addysen was shy of 6 months. She is now 18months, and is quite the little charmer. It's been such an amazing blessing to see her grow up into this little person. Dahrran is now 10 and has grown into quite the man already. He does so many little things on a daily basis that remind me of his father!! MacKenzie is growing up too quickly it seems. There is talk of boyfriends and best friends, and all things girls love. Kaitlynn is now 6 and a kindergartener. She is blossoming more each day with all her new friends and going to school daily.

We also have some fun and exciting things coming in the next 3 weeks. Baby number 5 will be joining our family SOON! Real soon. We are on the final stretch and the count down is on. Come Thanksgiving we will be a family of 7!! Baby 5 was a total shock and is already such a blessing.

Joel has become a hired farm hand, which means long days and nights sometimes where I feel like a single parent. Though we totally love it because he is just minutes from home at any given time, and can usually come if I need something desperately. I am now a full time stay at home mom. I'm not carrying any part time jobs except a little sewing I do on the side to help keep my sanity, and keep my interests still intact.

There are so many reasons to start this little blog back up, and I can't wait to get back in the rhythm of blogging again and sharing our lives with you. I hope you enjoy your time here. Watch for changes to come in the next few weeks!!! :) For now, <3 Me!